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alot of people do.

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Body aches during early pregnancy?


How long does early pregnancy back pain last?

during the whole pregnancy. You always get back aches on and off.

Does blowing smoke in someones ear help his or hers ear aches?

Yes..... It does... the smoke surculates through out the ear and cleans the ear out...... and an ear being clogged sometimes couses ear aches.

Is stomach pains and back aches normal during first month of pregnancy?

i need the answer

Why cant moths fly during an earthquake?

cause they gey really bad ear aches

Are ear drops safe during pregnancy?


Are gentamycin drops safe during pregnancy?

You probably mean gentamicin eye and ear drops. They are safe during pregnancy.

Can ear infections cause head aches?


Does Baby oil help ear aches?

Yes it does .I have a ear ache and I'm using it now

Are Ear infections during pregnancy normal?

Yes, They are comin to some pregnant women.

Are really bad stomach aches a sign of pregnancy?


Are body aches headache fatigue and weekness normal during pregnancy?

I know that weakness and fatigue are common problems. My daughter complains about them.

Why ear hurt after wisdom tooth pull?

Ear aches are one of the symptoms of dry socket. Get that checked out asap!

Is a sore abdomen a symptom of pregnancy?

During pregnancy your body goes through so many changes, a lot diff aches and cramping, depends on how far along you are.If you are concerned talk to you Dr.

Is head aches and back pains a sign of pregnancy?

Yes, but not necessarily.

Is having a lot of tummy aches a sign of pregnancy?

Tummy aches are said to be common in the first few weeks of pregnancy. But, it could also be a stomach thing. If you really think you may be pregnant, take a test.

Are stomach aches and vaginal discharge signs of pregnancy?

Stomach aches and vaginal discharge are signs of pregnancy.Although nausia an stomach cramps are major signs of pregnancy.If neede,take a pregnancy test for more accuracy.

Are body aches and fatigue normal during pregnancy?

You bet! Lots of wierd things happen when your pregnant! Fatigue is yes and body aches in your tummy and lower back are too. But anything else isn't so see your doctor to rule out Anemia.

Should you get ear aches after tonsillectomy?

yes your ears hurt VERY bad, and this is normal!

Why is the reason for onion in the ear?

Putting onion in the ear is a home remedy for softening ear wax for easier removal. It is also supposed to help relieve ear aches. I cannot attest to the veracity of the claims.

How can you minimize the pain of an ear ache?

* I always find that if you massage the ear lobe -- the lower part of the ear, where you wear an earring -- the pain will minimize. * A drop or two of warmed garlic oil placed in the ear is great for ear aches.

Are side aches during pregnancy normal?

if the pain is on your left side i would go to the hospital just to rule out ectopic pregnancy, there are a few sites with information on this so if you read what symptoms they are you can then compare, dont wait tho x

What is an anagram for chase?


Is ear popping a sign of pregnancy?

Ear popping might be because of the unbalanced liquid in your ear, that's all.

What can happen to you if someone screams at your ear really loud besides ear damage?