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Sometimes you can.. keep in mind if your doctor says to cut back on caffeine ... it could be because of that . Or it could possibly be just the pregnancy itself, if your headache persists I would ask your doctor

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โˆ™ 2005-10-24 07:22:28
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Q: Do you get headaches when pregnant?
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Is headaches a sign of pregnancy?

no headaches is not a sign of pregnancy, but if you do happen to get pregnant there is a posibility that you could get headaches

What medications you can take for headaches while pregnant?


You have headaches but did not miss your period could you be pregnant?

Unlikely. Go and see the doctor about the headaches

What do you take for headaches when you are pregnant?

Elivail! It soothes headaches and migranes! I have not been dissipointed yet!

You are always hungry and you have frequent headaches are you pregnant?

The first time i got pregnant i didn't have headaches but was very hungry! Then i would eat something and it would completely gross me out. I've had lots of friends tell me they had bad headaches while being pregnant though! Goodluck if your are!!!! its truly a blessing

Could you be pregnant since you have had headaches and a cold sore?

Cold sores and headaches are not typically signs of pregnancy.

Do you feel sick and get headaches when you have worms?

you might be pregnant

You had protected sex and was careful about the condom you got your period on time and it was regular you are having bad headaches what are the chances of being pregnant?

99.9% of the time Period = not pregnant headaches are NOT a sign of pregnancy

What should i take for headaches when I'm pregnant?

chamomile tea, foot reflexology (look up pressure points for headaches)

Early symptoms of pregnancy?

If you are Nauseous or have consistent headaches you may be pregnant

You get bad headaches could you be pregnant?

could headach be a sign of pregnancy

Is it normal to get headaches and vomiting around your period?

no your pregnant take a test

Is a light brown discharge on one day and spotting on one day accompanied with headaches and heartburn a sign that you are pregnant?

yes NO You may be pregnant, but they are not definitive signs. Headaches and heartburn are rarely symptoms of early pregnancy.

Is it OK to have headaches during pregnancy?

It is quite normal to have headaches during pregnancy, due to stress, colds etc, the same as a non-pregnant person.

I have sore nipples that have been hard for 2days and headaches what does this mean?

You are possibly pregnant

You have sore nipples headaches moodiness and you spotted one day Can you be pregnant?


What to do with headaches when pregnant?

truthfully you should not take anything but if you have to Tylenol should work

If you are having pains and headaches but on your period could you be pregnant?

Headache is not a symptom of pregnancy.

Could you be pregnant if you had your period but days before that you had headaches cramping sickness and diarrhea?

you probably had a virus. a normal period means your not pregnant.

If you get headaches on a normal basis will getting pregnant do the opposite?

dehydration and thats all i know

Your period is late and you been getting a lot of headaches?

you could be pregnant but it is best to get checked out.

Reasons for stopping an exercise routine for a pregnant woman includes dizziness and headaches?


You have cramps and nausea with mild headaches and a white discharge are you pregnant?

Type your answer here... yes

Can a woman get pregnant after two weeks before her periods and have headaches instade of periods?

yes,ovulation can occur at any point in your cycle. Headaches are a common symptom of pregnancy. If you feel you may be pregnant you should take a home pregnancy test and/or see your doctor.

You feel pregnant but your period isn't due for 7 days i have had blood nose and nausea and headaches with tiredness could you be pregnant?

Yes - take a test