Do you get house keys when you sign lease or move in?

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You get your house key(s) whenever you sign the lease. Normally your lease is not prepared until you've worked out your first month's rent and any deposits that are required. In most states the landlord must give you the keys to the front door of your house. If this happens you have the right to change any of the other locks without your landlord's permission, but not the lock of which your landlord gave you the key.
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Can you cancel a signed lease if you have not moved in yet?

Answer . As you know a signed lease is a contract between you and the landlord and unless you are lucky enough to have an understanding landlord and you have a very, very good reason to break this contract then you are responsible for the agreement in that contract. Usually people have to pay the ( Full Answer )

If you do not sign the lease are you responsible for repairs?


What do you do if a tenant won't sign the lease?

You do not allow them to move into the premises or you give up the idea of having the protection of a lease. Once you let them move in without signing a lease they are your problem. It should be noted that a tenant who refuses to sign a lease is giving you a loud message about what type of experienc ( Full Answer )

If you have signed a six month lease can the landlord want to move back into the house after one month?

The landlord can only seek possession during a fixed term of a tenancy (for example the first six months of a shorthold tenancy) on the grounds shown in italic type.. Mandatory grounds - for which the landlord must have advised the tenant in writing before the tenancy began that s/he might be seek ( Full Answer )

No signed lease. 4 of us share a house 1 moved out now the son of the landlord wants me to pay a portion toward the empty room.who is responsible for paying 2are the children of landlord.i'm not?

Since there is no signed lease, unless you are married to the person who moved out, you are not responsible for his portion of the rent. The landlord(s) must take the tenant who moved out to small claims for his portion of the rent (and hope for a default judgment).. ----------------. The grammar ( Full Answer )

Can a person legally sign two housing leases for the same period of time?

An individual can sign as many as they wish. But they are going to have to show that they can cover the costs. It's not illegal but most people advise against it, as that means you are responsible for twice as much money. You could wind up losing one or both deposits because you will not be living ( Full Answer )

Are u obligated to pay rent if sign a lease but do not move in?

You should check the laws in your area first. If you sign a lease, you have entered into an agreement and can be bound in it for the amount of time required by law, even if you do not move in. The landlord can possibly make a claim in small claims court against you if you do not pay.

If a lease agreement is signed but tenant has not moved in or paid a deposit can a landlord cancel the agreement?

Depends on the Written Agreement itself, does the Agreement so state the claims of your argument in terms of your Recourse, or Theirs? How can one make a Agreement, if both parties don't agree to the terms, and still call it a Agreement? Likewise it depends on the State Statutes in your State where ( Full Answer )

If you signed a lease and are not going to be moving in What am i liable for?

You would be liable for the cost of the rent and the fees in your lease for breaking the lease. Your landlord can also successfully sue you to recover damages to re advertise the place. Your landlord also has a duty to mitigate his damages, and to find a replacement tenant as quickly as possible. ( Full Answer )

If you signed a lease for an apartment is it possible for them to move you to another apartment after you signed for that specific apartment already?

This depends on the terms of your lease. Read the fine print. Many (most) apartment complexes have clauses the lease which give the owner the authority to make changes like this whenever they want. The only legal ground you would have against something like that would be if they moved you into an ( Full Answer )

Can a landlord break a signed lease before you move in?

Your tenancy begins as soon as the home is "handed" over to you, as signaled by the passing of the key(s) to the unit, not upon the signing of the lease. So if your landlord doesn't give you the key, you can rescind your agreement and demand your money back if you paid it.

If your names not on a lease can you leagally sign it?

Only under certain circumstances: If you are acting as the Power Of Attorney for someone, you can sign your name as acting for them. - If you are a parent signing something fror a minor child (not legally capable of signing a contract) - or similar circumstance where you are legally empowered to do ( Full Answer )

Can a minor sign a apartment lease?

No. An apartment lease is a legal document and can only be signed by a legal adult (18 years old minimum in the U.S.A.). Possibly, the lessor might allow the apartment lease to be co-signed with an adult as a guarantor.

Who signs the lease?

my son who is convicted felon not sex felon. On parole due to release in January Needs a 2 bedroom apartment to share with his girl friend who has excellent credit our son has paid us 400.00 per month for the last 2 years. Please give his a chance to prove his reliability. He has an great parole rec ( Full Answer )

Can i get my deposit back on a house if i haven t moved in yet but i have signed the lease the house is nowhere near being ready to move in yet i was told it would be do i wait or go somewhere else?

Does the lease say it would be ready by now? If the landlord has not fulfilled his end of the contract, you shouldn't be obligated to uphold yours. You should probably speak with a local attorney. If the lease doesn't actually specify a move-in date, then it's trickier. Again, you should speak with ( Full Answer )

Can you rent without signing a lease?

Normally, you cannot rent without signing a lease unless you rent from someone you know who is willing to enter into this type of arrangement. You can also sublease from someone.

Can a 17yo co sign a lease?

believe in most states it would not be legal as the 17yo is not considered an adult and not able to sign a legally binding document

Where was the lend lease act signed?


Can a landlord demand a higher deposit AFTER the lease has been signed and the check for deposit written into lease has been cashed if you have not moved in yet?

Generally speaking, after the release has been mutually signed, it is in effect, and the terms of it cannot be changed. Once the lease has been signed by both parties and the keys have been turned over to you, the tenant, the dwelling then is considered to be in your possession. As such, the landlor ( Full Answer )

Does a spouse have to sign a lease agreement?

Generally yes, if the spouse is going to be living with the tenant. Most landlords will require that all adults who will be living in the property unit sign the lease, and are subject to the same terms of the lease as the principal signer.

When would a leasing contract be signed?

A leasing contract would typically be signed when and only when the occupants of the home and the leaser both agree to the terms in the contract set up.

Why is it important to sign a lease?

A lease holds a binding agreement between the landlord and tenantfor the duration of the term of the lease. If a tenant is rentingthe property or unit on a month-to-month basis then the landlordcould make changes to the terms of the month-to-month tenancy atany time, given proper notice (for month-t ( Full Answer )