Do you get less mileage with ethanol enhanced gasoline and if so which gas stations sell pure gas?

You will get fewer mpg's with ethanol enhanced gasoline

ethanol yields 75-85k BTU'd per gallon

conventional gasoline yields 108-117k BTU's per gallon When US Refineries volunteered to remove MTBE, ethanol was chosen as one alternative Ethanol content in gasoline varies by state and sometimes by city in the US

there are about 150 different blends across the US -- sooo, happy hunting til than

easy on the throttle = more mpg & free

keeping tires properly inflated = more mpg & free

highperformance air filters = expensive but pay for themselves via more MPG So I guess this means that if a seller is adding "Up to 10% Ethanol" and selling for $3.99 / gallon and another station is selling for say 5 cents a gallon more, but it is 100% gasoline, you'd actually be getting a better deal mileage wise with the 100% gasoline. In my area we always see the big dealer, Sheetz selling the cheapest gas. But, they are now selling 10% ethanol. Many people are seeing their mileage go down when they use this ethanol based gasoline. Personally, I think all stations should be required to tell you the ethanol content much like other business's are required to label their products with it's ingredients. This statement of "Up to 10% Ethanol" shouldn't be legal. Is it 10% or 5% or 1%? When I'm shopping for gas I want to buy the best price per gallon. But, I want the best miles per gallon also. Who regulates this in a state like Pennsylvania for example, that does not even test fuel quality and octane ratings let alone ethanol percentages?

I have an anecdotal answer. Our hybrid Highlander dropped from 29 MPG to 21 MPG when we were forced to switch to ethanol. It went up to 26 MPG when the software was modified. (Remember the plural of anecdote is not evidence.)


most of the Phillips 66 stations do not use ethanol ,shell marathon conoco

Shell just started using it a yr. ago. Now there is no station that I know of where you can buy gas without ethanol.

Due to state and federal government tax breaks it is almost impossible to find gas with out ethanol added. Your best bet would be to call your local stations, ask for a manager and ask them what the ethanol percentage is in their fuel.