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Do you get less mileage with ethanol enhanced gasoline and if so which gas stations sell pure gas?


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You will get fewer mpg's with ethanol enhanced gasoline

ethanol yields 75-85k BTU'd per gallon

conventional gasoline yields 108-117k BTU's per gallon When US Refineries volunteered to remove MTBE, ethanol was chosen as one alternative Ethanol content in gasoline varies by state and sometimes by city in the US

there are about 150 different blends across the US -- sooo, happy hunting til than

easy on the throttle = more mpg & free

keeping tires properly inflated = more mpg & free

highperformance air filters = expensive but pay for themselves via more MPG So I guess this means that if a seller is adding "Up to 10% Ethanol" and selling for $3.99 / gallon and another station is selling for say 5 cents a gallon more, but it is 100% gasoline, you'd actually be getting a better deal mileage wise with the 100% gasoline. In my area we always see the big dealer, Sheetz selling the cheapest gas. But, they are now selling 10% ethanol. Many people are seeing their mileage go down when they use this ethanol based gasoline. Personally, I think all stations should be required to tell you the ethanol content much like other business's are required to label their products with it's ingredients. This statement of "Up to 10% Ethanol" shouldn't be legal. Is it 10% or 5% or 1%? When I'm shopping for gas I want to buy the best price per gallon. But, I want the best miles per gallon also. Who regulates this in a state like Pennsylvania for example, that does not even test fuel quality and octane ratings let alone ethanol percentages?

I have an anecdotal answer. Our hybrid Highlander dropped from 29 MPG to 21 MPG when we were forced to switch to ethanol. It went up to 26 MPG when the software was modified. (Remember the plural of anecdote is not evidence.)

Answermost of the Phillips 66 stations do not use ethanol ,shell marathon conoco

Shell just started using it a yr. ago. Now there is no station that I know of where you can buy gas without ethanol.

Due to state and federal government tax breaks it is almost impossible to find gas with out ethanol added. Your best bet would be to call your local stations, ask for a manager and ask them what the ethanol percentage is in their fuel.

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Expect around a 15% decline in fuel mileage over conventional gasoline. Ok, so if I'm paying $4.00 / gallon for 10 % ethanol gas and loosing 15 % mileage that means if I can find 100 % gasoline with no ethanol at $4.60 / gallon I'm getting basically the same thing. So if I pay $4.10 / gallon for real gas without ethanol, I just saved $.50 / gallon over the ethanol low output gas. This should make shopping allot easier, as long as the stations are required to post how much ethanol they are selling versus real gas.

Because it has Ethanol in it. The Ethanol increases the octane and lowers the price.AnswerBecause it has ethanol in it. Ethanol actually decreases the power of gasoline, and subsequently decreases mileage as well. Interestingly, it also makes gasoline more expensive- BUT - this is Iowa, and the government is subsidizing the addition of ethanol to gasoline. In Missouri, where the government does not subsidize, gasoline with ethanol is MORE expensive than its Iowa Counterpart. Long story short, its cheaper because of government subsidies.

Definitely yes, - about 10%. Because the ethanol contains less energy than hydrocarbon loaded gasoline. Bullwick

Non ethanol gas can be purchased at ANY WaWa store

The best gas mileage from unleaded gasoline or premium gasoline depends on the car. Old cars get better mileage from unleaded.

done properly, not really. most cars can handle a low percentage (maybe 5-10%) ethanol in their gas without harm. It will, however, reduce gas mileage.

10% ethanol is added to help both emmissions and stretch the gasoline supply further. BUT if you go to Tennessee you have a choice of 100% gasoline or the 10% ethanol mix, i have found the gas mileage actually improves on 100% gas and seems to run a little smoother.I was quite surprised myself.

The internal combustion engine converts heat to motion or kinetic energy. Since ethanol has less "heat" than gasoline per gallon the fuel mileage will be less. Heat content of conventional gasoline = 115,500 Btu/gallon Heat content of ethanol = 76,000 Btu/gallon E85 is a blend of 15% gasoline and 85% ethanol so you can expect a drop in MPG of 20% or more.

Fuel additives are used to improve an automobile's environmental performance and increase its mileage. Some homemade fuel additives are ethanol and a mixture of acetone, xylene and cycle oil.

All top tier gasoline regardless of grade must contain enough denatured ethanol such that the actual ethanol content is no less than 8.0 and no more than 10.0 volume percent. TOP TIER Gasoline Retailers: QuikTrip Chevron Texaco MFA Oil Co. Conoco Phillips 66 76 Entec Stations Shell The Somerset Refinery, Inc. Kwik Trip / Kwik Star Aloha Petroleum Tri-Par Oil Co. Turkey Hill Minit Markets Mileage Stations Chevron Canada Shell Canada Petro-Canada Sunoco Canada

Cook's Valero Gas Station sells 91 octane ethanol free gasoline. I noticed a huge mileage difference. Especially in my second and third fillups because its the only fuel that has been cycling thorugh my engine. Its a little more money but definitely levels out when you do not have to go the gas station for two weeks!

Only a 10% mixture like the kind you would buy at most fuel stations. Remember ethanol blends do not give the mileage a non blend would. Read your book that comes with the car.

it kills your gas mileage and hurts your engine more than some idiots might think. my advice? don't use ethanol or biodiesel or any of that crap. just go with regular unleaded ethanol-free gasoline

any alcohol in gasoline reduces mpg. as a ase certified technician i am seeing a lot of this now. customers complain of lower gas mileage and worse performance. The answer is, quite simply, yes. The Foundation for Economic Education reported: "Corn-derived ethanol yields 35 percent less energy than gasoline. So as the percentage of ethanol in gasoline goes up, miles per gallon will go down. Translation: Our demand for gas has gone and will continue to go up thanks to this government-promoted biofuel program."

Gas mileage is way better with regular unleaded gasoline over E85.

Gasohol would have less energy per gram than Gasoline. which is why E85 or flex fuel cars get better mileage with regular gasoline than E85 gas. it is also why some gas stations have "better gas" than others. some companies put more ethanol in their regular gas than others, all while staying under the 10% limit regulated by law.

It depends on the percentage of ethanol and the vehicle. My 1994 Chevy K2500 lost about 1 mpg on 11% ethanol.

Your car can safely run on fuel that is up to 10% ethanol. To run E85 which is 85% ethanol your car must be modified. It can be done but it would be very expensive to make all the changes necessary. Ethanol is a solvent and will destroy common rubber seals and gaskets used in cars not designed to run it. It is highly corrosive to aluminum and other parts in an engine. And besides, why would you want to burn ethanol. Ethanol has less energy than gasoline so your fuel mileage will drop around 20 to 30%. If you are getting 30 mpg with gasoline you will get around 24-25 with Ethanol. You will also have less power burning Ethanol. And it takes corn and other food sources to make Ethanol. That causes the price of corn to go up costing us more for food products containing corn.

a ar has a mileage rating of 30 miles per gallon of gasoline how many mile can the car travel on 76.5 liters of gasoline

Typical gas mileage for gasoline operated RVs is about 8 mpg.

There are too many variables to really give a solid answer. * What route are you taking? * What gas mileage does your car get? * How will the gas mileage vary based on temperatures, altitude and various speeds? * What is the price of gasoline at all the different gas stations? You can get a general idea by taking the mileage, divide it by the MPG your vehicle gets and multiplying it by the average cost of gasoline. The distance is about 1740 miles. If you get 20 mpg it will take 87 gallons of gas. If it is $4 a gallon that would be $348 worth of gasoline.

Yes. The higher the octane rating, the better the mileage you are likely to get.

Try changing brands of gasoline as the suppliers all blend teirs differently. Also be aware of the ethanol content. You do not want more than 10%.

the ammount of miles you can travel on one gallon of gasoline

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