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The only way you could get pregnant from this is if some of the sperm went down and into the vagina. The anal passage and the vagina are not linked at any point, so you could not get pregnant from this. You should always use a condom, even when having anal sex.

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Anal cannot get you pregnant. In order to get pregnant, sperm must be ejaculated inside your vagina.

No men can not get pregnant from gay sex. gay sex imply's anal sex and even women cant get pregnant from anal sex.

yes you can have sexual intercourse while pregnant so anal sex would be ok just becarefull

As long as the ejaculate did not run down to the vagina during anal sex, you can not get pregnant from the act of anal sex.

If you mean anal sex, then no you cannot get pregnant from anal sex. But if sperm enters the vagina, then yes you can get pregnant from any position.

Do you mean can you get pregnant from anal sex? No, you can't, if that's what you're asking...

You cannot become pregnant from anal sex unless ejaculatory fluids come in contact with her vagina.

There is an absolute 0% of getting pregnant through your anus

That's tricky. Sperm must enter the vagina and find it's way to the egg for a girl to become pregnant. So technically, a girl can't get pregnant from anal sex. However, even a tiny amount of sperm making its way to her vagina can get her pregnant, and this can happen by leakage after anal sex.

If you have a pregnant molly she will be very fat and will have a dark spot behind her anal fin called the gravid spot.

NO you only get pregnant if the semen goes into the vagina. Anal sex wont do it.

You can only get pregnant if you are the owner of a vagina and are fertile. It is impossible to get pregnant from a male depositing sperm inside your rectum, during intercourse

What you do when you are having anal sex has nothing to do with getting pregnant. so long as no semen gets into the vagina then on into the uterus you wont get pregnant . having a tampon in also has nothing to do with it.

Yes, if you don't want to get pregnant anal sex is the safe option.

She wont get pregnant from it (unless it leaks out and into her vagina) but you can get STDs of course, so be careful.

Yes. Have Sex in the vagina. It does not work in anal sex or oral sex.

No chance, but from now on only let him do anal if he doesn't have a condom

Nope, not at all any ammount of semen entering the anal area will not get you pregnant, in order to get pregnant smen must enter the vaignal openning.

The female gets a deeper tummy and there is a dark (gravid) spot by her anal fin.

No anal sex will not cause pregnancy but it does have a high chance of spreading infection.

It is possible to get pregnant from both if the semen has trickled out from the anus and round to the vagina. If you don't want to get pregnant then you must take precautions such as contraception.

the best pose is the Y pose. that is where your legs are wide open and excepting invitations. bwahahahaha!!! Anal.

If by "hitting" you mean literally hitting, then no. You cannot get pregnant from someone hitting you. If "hitting" is meant as a slang term for sexual intercourse...then via anal penetration, no. Via vaginal penetration, yes, you can get pregnant.

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