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No, you cannot go to other regions in Pokémon Emerald.

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Q: Do you get to other regions in Pokemon Emerald?
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Can you get to other regions in Pokemon emerald version?

no but if you catch all the hoenn pokemon you can catch jotho and kanto pokemon

Pokemon Emerald how to get to new regions?

In Pokemon Emerald, it's impossible to leave the Hoenn Region. The Kanto, Johto, and Sinnoh Regions are inaccessible in Emerald. Sorry.

How do you get Pokemon with unknown areas on Pokemon emerald?

you trade with others who has the kanto, johto, or other hoen regions

In Pokemon emerald What is the point of the national dex?

To find Pokemon from other regions that you couldn't normally get in hoenn.

Is it possible to catch Pokemon from other regions in Pokemon emerald?

Yes there are plenty of kanto and mostly johto Pokemon you can find in emerald most of them can be hunted down in the safari zone.

Where is Kanto Region in Pokemon Emerald?

No where, it was a myth that emerald would have two regions but it doesn't.

Can you go to different regions in pokemon emerald?

If you're a badass

In Pokemon diamond is there any other regions you can get to?

No, there are no other regions in Pokemon Diamond.

Pokemon emerald how do you catch Pokemon from other regions?

You go to the safari zone after you finish the game then, if you see a new path go to the grass and you can catch Pokemon from the jhoto region

Get to other regions in emerald version?


Can you go to other regions on Pokemon platinum because you can on emralde?

I am not certain it is possible to go to other regions in Platinum, but I don't think they are accessible simply because you could do that it in the Emerald version. The only way (in my opinion) to get to the other regions are by using Action Replay cheats.

Can you go to other regions in Pokemon Emerald?

u cant unless..... you use gameshark or somthing like that but its likely to muk up your game.... :(

How do you get both latis on Pokemon Emerald?

You have to catch one in emerald after the elite four in Pokemon emerald and you have to trade the other lati from Pokemon sapphire or ruby.

How do you get 3 starter Pokemon in Pokemon Emerald?

if you have Pokemon sapphire or ruby then you can trade the other two over to emerald

How do you catch opponents Pokemon on emerald?

You can't catch or obtain other trainers Pokemon in emerald.

Can you go to other regions in Pokemon diamond?

no but you can migrate Pokemon from other regions so your pokedex gets larger

What happens when you complete your pokedex in Pokemon emerald?

Once you complete the Hoenn Region pokedex by collecting the date for the region's 202 Pokemon. The player is then awarded the National Pokedex that brings in other Pokemon from surrounding regions.

What are all the rare Pokemon in Pokemon Pearl?

legendary Pokemon are rare. Pokemon from other regions are usually rare starter Pokemon from other regions THERE ARE HUNDREDS!!!!! WE CANT NAME IT ALL!!!!!

Do you have to catch all 200 Pokemon on emerald to get one of the other starter Pokemon?

No you just need to SEE all the Pokemon in emerald pokedex

What other Pokemon can you trade in emerald?


Does sudowoodo evolve in pokemon emerald?

No..sudowoodo never evolves into any pokemon ..not only in emerald but any other version...

How do you get Gengar in Pokemon Emerald?

You can't catch it using Poke Balls, 'cause it is'nt in Pokemon Emerald... But you can trade with other players, of other versions of the game...

Where is Lucario in Poke'mon Emerald for SP?

Lucario as well as other 4th generation Pokemon were not created in any generation Pokemon game before it meaning they don't exist in Pokemon emerald or anything before Pokemon emerald.

How do you get every single pokemon on Pokemon Emerald?

You cant legitimately get all 386 pokemon in Pokemon Emerald. You must trade from other versions or use a gameshark to cheat and get all pokemon.

In Pokemon diamond can you travel to other regions?