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Yes, it is appropriate to give a gift at a graduation party. The gift could be something that reflects what the graduate plans to do in the future. A college-bound high school graduate might receive some item needed for college. A college grad could get a gift that would help for his/her career/job or setting up a home. The same idea works for a high school graduate not intending to go to college. Another idea would be a picture frame or photo album for graduation day photos. It is not necessary to spend a lot of money.

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Q: Do you give a gift at a graduation party?
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When does a parent give a graduation gift the day of graduation or at the graduation party?

at the graduation

Family members had graduation party you were not invited do you give a gift?

* It depends why they didn't invite you. If it was a small graduation party and a very few people there or you live out of town then yes, send a gift, but if they simply left you out on purpose then don't give a gift.

If a classmate gave you a gift at your party do you give a gift to him who is not having a party?

No you don't give him a gift. It is your party and it's expected that your guests give you a gift. If he should ever have a birthday or say Graduation Party, then that is the time to give him a gift. Be sure to personally thank your friends for the gifts they give and let them know you appreciate it.

What do you bring to a graduation party?

A camera, a gift, and a smile.

If you attend a high school graduation party do you bring a gift?


Should you give a gift for a graduation party that you cant attend and how much?

It was an honor you were asked even if you can't attend the graduation so yes, you would give a give. Only spend what you can afford and don't put yourself into debt over it.

If invited to a graduation party do you need to take a gift?

It is customary to give a gift, but it need not be expensive. Be thoughtful and inventive. Include a nice card with your most heart-felt wishes.

Do parents give engagement gift?

If there is an engagement party then the parents would generally give a gift, but if there is no party then no, they do not have to give an engagement gift.

How much do you give for a high school graduation gift?


If invited to a graduation party and don't go do you send a gift anyway?

if you want, its up to you

Should I give a graduation gift to coworker's child I've never met?

See great thread on

Is a mastercard a great gift to give as a graduation present?

Mastercard is a great gift to give as a graduation present. Yes it is a good idea to give your sister a master card because this way she can purchase what she wants of her own choice.

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