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Do you give a gift at a graduation party?

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Yes, it is appropriate to give a gift at a graduation party. The gift could be something that reflects what the graduate plans to do in the future. A college-bound high school graduate might receive some item needed for college. A college grad could get a gift that would help for his/her career/job or setting up a home. The same idea works for a high school graduate not intending to go to college. Another idea would be a picture frame or photo album for graduation day photos. It is not necessary to spend a lot of money.

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When does a parent give a graduation gift the day of graduation or at the graduation party?

at the graduation

If a classmate gave you a gift at your party do you give a gift to him who is not having a party?

No you don't give him a gift. It is your party and it's expected that your guests give you a gift. If he should ever have a birthday or say Graduation Party, then that is the time to give him a gift. Be sure to personally thank your friends for the gifts they give and let them know you appreciate it.

Family members had graduation party you were not invited do you give a gift?

* It depends why they didn't invite you. If it was a small graduation party and a very few people there or you live out of town then yes, send a gift, but if they simply left you out on purpose then don't give a gift.

What do you bring to a graduation party?

A camera, a gift, and a smile.

Should you give a gift for a graduation party that you cant attend and how much?

It was an honor you were asked even if you can't attend the graduation so yes, you would give a give. Only spend what you can afford and don't put yourself into debt over it.

If invited to a graduation party do you need to take a gift?

It is customary to give a gift, but it need not be expensive. Be thoughtful and inventive. Include a nice card with your most heart-felt wishes.

Do parents give engagement gift?

If there is an engagement party then the parents would generally give a gift, but if there is no party then no, they do not have to give an engagement gift.

If you attend a high school graduation party do you bring a gift?


How much do you give for a high school graduation gift?


Is a mastercard a great gift to give as a graduation present?

Mastercard is a great gift to give as a graduation present. Yes it is a good idea to give your sister a master card because this way she can purchase what she wants of her own choice.

Should I give a graduation gift to coworker's child I've never met?

See great thread on

If invited to a graduation party and don't go do you send a gift anyway?

if you want, its up to you

What are some graduation gifts for a girl beginning with the letter O?

An Olive Garden gift card is a possible graduation gift. You also could give her OPI nail polish.

Do you give the host a present at a farewell party?

If it is the host that is leaving and the party is for them then yes, you do give a gift. If they are hosting the party for a friend or family member then you would give the gift to the person leaving.

Do parents give an engagement gift?

If there is an engagement party then yes, the parents would give a gift. Many couples get engaged and don't have an engagement party and in this case it is not necessary for the parents to give a gift.

What is the appropriate amount of money to give to a High School student for a graduation gift?


If a classmate gave you a gift at your birthday party do you have to give him a gift on his birthday if he is not having a party?

If you received a gift from someone at your birthday party, your only requirement is to send a thank you note or card. If you are invited to a birthday party, you should bring a gift, however if this person is not having a party you do not have to give them a gift. You may choose to acknowledge the birthday with a small gift, a card or your personal good-wishes.

What is the appropriate amount of money to give a college student for a graduation gift?

50 dollar gift certificate to wallmart or there favorite store

What graduation gift should you give a PhD graduate?

You should give an IPod/laptop to them and get a huge cardboard box with chocolates in it for them.

What gift should you give your friends for high school graduation?

Find out about his/her future ambition. And give her or him a book relating to her/his ambition.

How much money should you give at a college graduation party?

Give the amount you are comfortable with- about $30-$50.

Do you give a gift for a wedding if you are in the wedding party?


Your son was invited to a birthday party got sick the day of the party should you still give the birthday child his gift?

Yes, you should still give the child his gift.

When should parents give a PhD graduate their gift?

Anytime after the student receives written validation of graduation.

Do I give the same graduation gift to a nephew and a step nephew that live in the same house?

Yes, I will give the same graduation gift to nephew and a step nephew, even if they are not residing in the same house. Getting same gift will realise nephew that he is not superior and at the same time step nephew will also feel that he is not inferior in any manner.