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Q: Do you have Notes on zoo-break by Gordon Korman?
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Do you have notes on Zoobreak by Gordon korman? to this site above for the full synopsis and summary of the story. Hope this helps!(:

Who wrote zoobreak?

Gordon korman

What is the setting of Zoobreak by Gordon korman?

a boat a house and a backyard

What type of animal is griffin and Savannah in Zoobreak by Gordon korman?

They are human breaking animals out of the zoo. Hence the title "Zoobreak"

How many pages Zoobreak has?

Zoobreak has 240 pages. It is the sequel to Swindle. Both are written by Gordon Korman.

Who is Gordon Korman?

He is an author and he wrote these books:One false note,Swindle,Zoobreak,andLosing Joes place.

What are the characters in zoo break by Gordon korman?

The characters from Gordon Korman's book, ZooBreak, are Griffin Bing- the Man With The Plan, Savannah Drysdale, Ben Slovak, Pitch Benson, Melissa Dukakis, and Logan Kellerman.

What are the books in Gordon Korman's 'Swindle' series?

Swindle, Framed, and Zoobreak.

What is the plot summary for Zoobreak by Gordon korman?

Can Griffin's that live in Bing and his pull this one off? They are planning a zoo break! This book is fast paced and enjoyable

When was Gordon Korman born?

Gordon Korman was born on October 23, 1963.

What is Gordon Korman's birthday?

Gordon Korman was born on October 23, 1963.

Where is Gordon korman now?

Gordon Korman Lives in long Island, NEw york

Is Gordon Korman a Canadian Author?

Yes, Gordon Korman was born in Montreal Quebec

Did Gordon korman write kidnapped?

Yes, Gordon Korman write the book Kidnapped.

Does Gordon Korman have any hobbies?

Yes Gordon Korman have hobbies. Biking and Writing.

Where does Zoobreak by Gordan Korman take place?

The story takes place in a town called Cedarville.

What is Gordon korman's worst problems?

Gordon Korman has too many of the same stupid topics.

Why did Gordon Korman write the story Masterminds?

Gordon Korman wrote the novel masterminds to entertain.

How old is Gordon Korman?

Gordon Korman is 47 years old (birthdate: October 23, 1963).

What are Gordon Korman's Hobbies and Interest?

Gordon korman's hobbies are biking and writing. He also likes spending time with his kids.

What are the 83 books Gordon korman wrote?

To to Wikipedia and look up "Gordon Korman". It will show you all the books he wrote.

Where can you find the summary of all three Gordon Korman Island trilogy books?

Gordon Korman has a website, and it has short summaries of all of his books.

Where was Gordon korman born?


Is Gordon korman still alive?


Is Gordon Korman funny?

he is funny!