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Do you have Prince Albert in a can?

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Because this joke sucks if you're not age's 60+.

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Did prince Albert have a prince Albert piercing?


What nationalty is prince Albert?

Prince Albert is Monaqasque.

Was Prince Albert French?

No, Prince Albert is Monegasque.

When Did prince Albert become prince?

Prince Albert was a Prince all his life. His father was Duke Ernest of Sax-Coburg and Gotha which made Albert Prince.

Was prince Albert British?

There was no British Prince Albert. Queen Victoria's husband was German and Prince Albert of Monaco is a Monagasgue

Is Albert the Prince of Monaco?

Yes although he is known as Prince Albert II.

Who was Prince Albert?

Prince Albert was the husband/cousin of Queen Victoria.

What killed prince albert?

Prince Albert ll is still alive.

What country prince Albert come from?

prince Albert came from Germany

How did Prince Albert die?

Prince Albert died of typhoid fever.

What did she call albert?

"Prince" Albert.

What title was prince Albert given in 1857?

In 1857 Prince Albert was given the title of Prince Consort.

Who was Prince Albert tobacco named after?

Prince Albert? Just a guess =D

Did prince albert have a speech impediment?

Yes, Prince Albert did have a speech impediment.

What was the reason for the funeral for prince albert?

The reason for the funeral was the death of Prince Albert.

When was Albert Prince born?

Albert Prince was born in 1825.

Who is the Prince of Monaco?

Prince Albert IIPrince Albert is the only son of Rainier III, so is the leading prince of the realm.

What nationality was prince Albert?

Prince Albert of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha, later known as the Prince Consort was German.

Where did Prince Albert die?

Prince Albert ll did not die. He is still ruler of Monaco.

Does Prince Albert have a girlfriend?

Prince Albert of Monaco and Charlene Wittstock are now married.

Why did queen Victoria divorce with prince Albert?

They didn't, Prince Albert died of typhoid.

Do you need to hard to get an prince albert percing?

Do you need to be hard to get a prince albert piercing

What sport did Prince Albert of Monaco play?

Prince Albert is an avid rower of sculls.

Who died first Queen Victoria or prince Albert?

Prince Albert died first. Prince Albert died in 1861 and Queen Victoria did not die until 1901.

Was prince albert Queen Victoria's father?

No Prince Albert was not Queen Victoria's father. Her father was Edward, Duke of Kent. Prince Albert was the name of her husband and they also had a son named Albert Edward as well.