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No you need sperm for that.

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Were to finger yourself?

dont put your finger in you vagina. clit is a place to start

Can you fingure yourself if your a virgin?

you can totally finger yourself, good luck

What are good way of fingering yourself?

good way of fingering yourself is with your finger.

Where do you finger yourself at?

For girls, it's your vagina

If you finger yourself can you start your period early?

No It doesn't matter what you do to yourself unless you got yourself pregnant.

How do you finger pop yourself?

Stick Your Or Someone's Finger Down Your Vagina and Go As Far Doen As You Can

What letters are assigned in each fingers when typing?

On the left hand the baby finger is assigned to the A then the ring finger is to S then middle to D and forefinger to F and also to the G. Then on your right hand the baby finger is to the ; the ring finger L the middle finger K and the forefinger to the J and H.

How do you make yourself go to the bathroom?

I stick my finger in my belly button and jiggle my finger. That makes me have to go!

What is the approximate age that a baby starts to point and poke with its index finger?

A baby starts to poke and point with its index finger at 8-9 months old.

Can you still finger yourself if you're pregnant?

Why not u can as the baby is in a covered shield which is not damaged by normal intercourse or fingering & for information about this u can see this http://cant-ask-doctor.bravehost.com/

How do you painlessly break your finger?

A physician would use some form of anaesthetic. It is not recommended you do it yourself

How do you cure a bruised finger?

A bruised finger just needs some TLC. When the finger is first injured, put some ice on it. Rest the finger and baby it until it is feeling better.

How big is a baby blue jay?

the baby blue jay is as tall as an adults middle finger

How to get the lines or finger prints off of the clay?

you can use a baby wipe to get rid of the little lines and or finger prints!

What is me in sign lauguage?

Simply point to yourself with your index finger. Your 'first' finger touches your middle chest area. That's it! :-)

What does it mean if your ring finger is longer than your pointer finger?

I think it doesn't mean anything. Don't bother yourself.

How small can a baby get?

i think it can be as small as a grownups pointer finger

How do you do F on the Recorder?

(right hand) thumb, finger 1 2 3, not baby finger (left hand) no thumb finger 2 and 3 upper right

Are you a virgin if you finger yourself?

Yes. You are a virgin until you have sexual intercourse.

When you finger yourself do you break your hamen?

You might break your hymen, you might not.

Why do guys want to finger girls?

so you can touch yourself at night

Fingering and pregnancy?

Its Not Bad to Finger while being pregnant and you cant get pregnant if you finger yourself it will just loosin up you vagina.

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