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No, I dont, That is a pretty big penis

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2009-11-10 04:36:58
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Q: Do you have a big penis 8in lg 6 plus in circumference?
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How big does a mans penis have to be in order for a guy to pop her cherrie?

Any size will do. The average male has a penis 5' long with a OD circumference of 2' . The hymen is smaller and can be ruptured with a finger.

What is the average measurment of a 13 year olds penis?

im 13 and mine is 6 in and i am told that is big and no im not lying it is stupid to lie. the average is 4 to 5 in erect Im 13 and mine is 7 inch erect and 4 and half flacid im 13 and my penis is 8in when erect and 5 flacid and i went to the doctors about it because i thought it was big but they said it was absoluty natural to have a large penis

How big is a Siamese cats when it is born?

they are about 8in when they are born and for a male about 10in at 9 weeks.

Is a 17 cm Penis with 12 cm circumference big?

17 cm is a above-average lenth. But 12cm is in the average circumference. and to make a women more happy the thicker the better.10.5-8cm is the average depth of a womens vagaina who has not had a kid.

You turned 13 last week and have started to grow pubic hair how big should your penis be?

About 5inches plus when hard

What is the circumference of a paper towel tube?

It depends how big it is. Or, the circumference can be one way of defining how big it is. That is, a tube with circumference 10cm will have a circumference of 10cm. This question belongs to the class of questions characterised by "how long is a piece of string?"

How big is a midgets penis?

Penis size varies man to man, and it is proportional to his height.

If a eleven year old penis is ten centimeters is it big?

yes cause the ordinery penis is big anyway yes cause the ordinery penis is big anyway

What is the importance of having a big penis?

A big penis feels better to women during sex. Up to a point, anyway. There is definitely such a thing as a penis that is TOO big.

Do mindless behavior boys have big penis?

The size of a penis is not determined by behavior but by DNA.small or big

How big is Harry styles penis?

Big. (;

How big is microscopic?

A microscopic is as big as your penis

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