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Do you have a blown head gasket if there white smoke coming from your tailpipe and elevated temp and the engine sputters in low gears?


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thats quite psoosible , if the sputtering is at low speeds when the engin e is cold . A sure sign that you have a blown head gasket is when you loose coolant with no external signs of collant loss , you have coolant in the engine oil or vice versa . Any of those conditions warrant further investigation to determine the cause . usually a compression test and coolant leak test will show when you have a blown head gasket . elevated engine temp is also another common sign of a blown head gasket , get it checked out and repaired asap as you can quickly destroy an engine with a bad head gasket depending on how bad it is and how much coolant/lubricant are beign lost or mixed together.


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White smoke coming from your tail pipe often indicates an issue with your coolant. The smoke comes from burning coolant. The engine sputters and white smoke is likely an issue with the head gasket.

There could be a couple of reasons why water is coming from a tailpipe. There could be a blown head gasket on the car or a cracked head. A small amount of moisture is a normal byproduct of the burning of gasoline in the engine.

This engine is running extremely rich. This can be caused by many things. Have it repaired ASAP. Serious engine damage will occur if you continue to drive.

No I don't, but if you do, you need to have it repaired, or it'll seize the engine

No, the engine exhaust is what comes out of the tailpipe.

That water is from condensation which is normal. However, if it is engine coolant you have big problems.

you could have a hole in one of your pipes or hoses that the water went throw.

If this occurs, then it means that there is a problem with you engine. A mechanic can figure out how your engine should be fixed.

I'm not a mechanic / technician but if white smoke is coming out of your tailpipe with the engine warmed up it sounds like you are getting engine coolant into one or more of your engine cylinders . ( bad head gasket / warped cylinder head ) Is the coolant / antifreeze mix also going into your engine oil )

You've more than likely overheated the engine and cause a head to crack, or you've blown a head gasket and it's going out the tailpipe. Is there steam coming out of the tailpipe?

Water (condensation) is a normal condition with a cold engine as stated below, but not oil?? Perhaps a bad head gasket/cracked head/ or block Water coming out of the tailpipe is not uncommon. You will probably see on a lot of cars on humid days with water coming out of the tailpipe usually it goes away once your engine and exhausts have warmed up. Check out the links below for better explanation. It also depends on how old your truck is. Trucks with less than 1000 miles on them sometimes have an oily residue exit out of the tailpipe. During maunafacturing of exhaust pipes, lubricants are used to prevent rust. Check the oil with a blacklight because a dye is usually added to initial oil in the engine. If you have a diesel, then you may have oil coming from the engine, loosen the exhaust pipe from the turbocharger and look for signs of oil exiting the tailpipe. If the turbo is leaking oil you probably have worn bearings in it and possibe wheel hub replacement.

Water coming out the tailpipe means there is water in the exhaust. This is not uncommon when the engine is cold and the exhaust is condensing. That situation should stop when the engine warms up. If the exhaust continues to have water in it after the engine is warmed up it could possibly indicate a leaky head gasket or cracked cylinder head.

You have a blown head gasket. Open your radiator while the engine is running. You should find exhaust coming from it.

You have a blown head gasket or cracked head. STOPdriving this vehicle immediately or you will destroy the engine. You must have this repaired.

the tailpipe on a car is also known as the EXHAUST of the car where the gases from the combustion happening inside the engine escape.

your car may be leaking coolant into the engine, i.e your head gasket may be bad

Normally, The engine will not start.

Steam from the tailpipe, and water in the oil means you have a faulty head gasket. Not a good thing. The steam is the antifreeze/water coolant leaking into the heads (bad gasket) getting heated by the engine and coming out as steam. The water in the oil is the same deal, but it;s collecting in the oil so it isn't coming out of the tailpipe. You need a new head gasket. I promise.

If the engine is fully warmed up and you are still getting white smoke coming out of the tailpipe when the engine is idling , it sounds like engine coolant is getting into an engine cylinder from a bad head gasket or some other problem

Usually the engine is burning coolant.

out of gas or engine has problems; advice: consult manufacturer

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