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As long as you don't dwell on the tiny details, sure.

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Why was Jesus embraced?

Jesus was embraced by Judas when he kissed Jesus and betrayed him.

When tom Robinson testified what does he say mayella did when he gets down from the chair?

Tom says that mayella grabbed him and kissed him

Who from mindless behavio has had their first kiss?

it is Roc Royal he said he got his first kiss when they were getting chased by fans and a fan grabbed him and kissed him

Can babies flirt with teenagers?

Yes they can. There has been a baby at the park that ran up to a teenager ang grabbed her arm,kissed it and ran off

If you kissed someone with mono will you definitely get it?

Not definitely but there is certainly a good chance.

Has greyson chance ever kissed a girl?

yes e had and also sorry bradley perry but he kissed Ryan newman on the lips too

Has greyson chance ever kissed anybody?

He use to have a girl friend till she broke up with him but i would say he MAYBE kissed her he use to have a girl friend then they broke up but they never kissed

Has greyson chance ever kissed someone?

Yes, Greyson has had his first kiss.

Has greyson chance kissed a girl?

I don't know but maybe a boy. Lol

Will Sonny ever kiss chad?

No. They fake kissed on Sonny with a Chance of Dating. She put her hand over her mouth. She fake kissed to make James jealous and mad.

What are two example of personification?

One example of personification is "the wind grabbed my back", or "the rain kissed my face". Personification is when things that aren't human do things that humans could do. THANK YOU

Did greyson chance kiss a boy?

NO. He has never once in his life kissed a boy, and if he does that will be a huge let down for me.

Was the little mermaid on Shrek 2?

yes it was on shrek 2 on their honeymoon Fiona kissed shrek then a wave came and the little mermaid was kissing shrek then Fiona grabbed her and threw her a km away.

How do you get your cousin to kiss you?

Just kiss them. If they tell on you let them I have fun kissing with my cousin and we sat in a closet for about three hours an French kissed. It all started when I kissed her and she liked it and it was supposed to be a peck but she grabbed me

In Shakugan no Shana when do yuji and shana first kiss?

They haven't kissed yet. in one of the movies they nearly kissed but the mum called from outside the room so shana didn't get a chance. (Yuji was unconsious by the way...)

You kissed someone who did coke within 5 mins of doing it i have a piss test in 3 days will you pass?

50/50 CHANCE

If you have mono does that mean the last person you kissed has mono?

Not necessarily. Usually you are contagious 6-8 weeks before you are diagnosed with mono. Therefore if the last person you kissed was within that time frame then there is a pretty good chance that he or she might have mono.

In the episode Sonny in the kichen with dinner what is the guys name that kissed Sonny in Sonny With a Chance?

His name was Hayden. The one that Tawni had a huuuuge crush on. :) & the person that Chad Dylan Cooper got jealous over, BECAUSE he kissed Sonny. ;) <3

In sunny with a chance dose chad and sunny ever kiss?

sonny went on a fake date with chad and kissed but she had her hand over his mouth

In which episode does chad kiss sunny?

Sonny never kissed Chad before but in one episode, she faked it and that episode is "Sonny With a Chance of Dating".

What is the song i should've kissed you by one direction about?

Personally I think the song I should've kissed you is about a guy who's fallen for a beautiful woman. He get's the chance to tell her how he feels toward's the girl but the girl is uncertain so she walks away leaving the guy thinking that he should've kissed her to prove that that's how he feels. but then again that's just my opinion.

What does you kissed a girl by Katy Perry mean?

Its I kissed a girl. Not you kissed a girl.

What do you do when your girlfriend is kissed while drunk?

depends on who she is kissed by. if kissed by you when she's drunk, go for more. if kissed by someone else, forgive her

Pokemon will dawn and ash kiss?

no! in Pokemon ash and dawn will not kiss. people have never kissed in Pokemon...but there is a chance they might hug. hope this helped!

Has Atem and Anzu kissed?

They never kissed.