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Could you please elaborate on your question a little more. Marcy

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Q: Do you have a child with special mental health needs?
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How might an Infant Mental Health (IMH) visitor provide concrete support for parents of an ability diverse child?

Children with disabilities require special attention. As a result, an IMH visitor can provide tools and resources to the parents for their child. This is essential to better serve their special needs.

In the state of Texas do you pay child support until the child graduates even if he has flunked a year or 18 years of age?

In the state of Texas, child support is paid until the child reaches the age of 18, unless the child has special needs. Special needs include physical and mental impairments.

Is Sasha Obama OK or is she a special needs child?

Sasha Obama is not a special needs child.

What are special needs?

Special needs can range from behavior disorders, mental, physical and emotional disabilities.

What is a 'special-needs' child?

Special needs child In general terms a special needs child is one who has some type of physical or mental/emotional disability. The specific definition of "special needs" varies from state to state. It may be that the child has special medical issues, mental health issues, abuse history, learning disabilities, or is just an older child or of a minority race. A SPECIAL NEEDS child is a child that for various reasons doesn't fit the "NORM". They may need help in any area of daily living skills. Some may be slightly delayed in dressing themselves, while others are total care, and need help in all aspects of daily skills. In days past, these kids were called "retarded", "deformed", "handicapped","slow", "disabled" etc... "Special Needs" covers all and seems more polite. Adoption related: In (PA), any child in the foster care system over 4 years old is considered special needs. The term is extremely broad, and can really mean: "Any child but a perfectly healthy, white infant" ... the "in demand" children for adoption. ... a parent of two adopted "special needs" children (healthy children adopted as teens) Special needs just means that the child in question has special/or additional needs. I'm short sighted and need glasses or contacts in order to see as clearly as someone with 20-20 vision. This is a special need. Some children may need extra care when learning or a hearing aid or a speach box which are all special/additional needs.

Is schizopherenia contaigious?

No it is not contagious. It is a serious mental health condition that needs to be treated with medication by a mental health professional.

What is a Psychiatrist of mental health?

A psychiatrist of mental health is a professional trained doctor to help you with your mental needs, like counseling and prescribing medications if needed.

How do you commit spouse to mental institution?

Only a mental health professional and the courts can commit a person to a mental health institution. If you feel that your spouse needs to be committed the best thing to do is to make them an appointment with a mental health professional.

How mental health can be sustained for health living?

Mental health deals with psychology. This science isnt perfect but it can help understand the mind. humans have physical and mental/emotional needs. Some mental needs are to feel loved, to belong, and to feel like you have a purpose. Family fills the need to be loved. The need to be belong usually is filled by those around you peers/coworkers etc. Religion gives you purpose. If these needs are filled you should have good mental health.

What is a special-needs child?

For some interesting websites on the subject of special needs, see the Related Links.

I mean how should they talk to the clients with special needs or a mental illness Are they saposse to be with the clients all day or in the office How can they help clients with mental illness?

In order to know how should they talk to the clients with special needs or a mental illness and if they are supposed to be with clients all day or in the office one needs to know who you are referring to.

Does a child have to have special needs to be adopted for free?


Does Tom Hanks have a child with special needs?


Is special needs hyphenated in the following sentence your child has special-needs?

No, special needs are tow special words as you see them. I am a special needs gentleman who enjoys playing with men, other children, and women.David Wesson. :)

How can a child with special needs find help in education?

A child with special need can find help with their education be hiring a "Learning Assistant". Other methods can include attending a "Special Needs" school.

What is the difference between a normal child and a special child?

All children are normal. What you refer as a special child, I assume you mean special needs. Special needs children are normal children who have specific needs that need to be catered to in order to learn as a general ed. child. They may need things to be broken down for them or more repetition, or maybe even a slower pace.

What is typically involved when a person seeks mental health counseling?

When a person seeks mental health counseling, there is no set procedure. Each mental health professional has their own way of proceeding to help individuals who seek help. The first step would be an assessment of needs.

what are the positive and negative impacts of primary group on health?

positive impact it promotes satisfaction to psychological needs which promotes good mental health.

What kind of doctor specializes in special-needs kids?

That depends on the special needs of the child which could be: serious medical conditions; emotional and behavioral disorders; difficulties with cognitive functioning; learning disabilities; psychiatric disorders; history of abuse or neglect; medical or genetic risk due to familial mental illness or parental substance abuse. A child with significant special needs will most likely require the care of more than one medical specialist. The child's primary care doctor is usually the pediatrician, who refers the child to other specialists given the child's specific needs. There are a whole range of pediatric medical subspecialists that provide focused care depending on the needs.

What are the health care regulations for hospital for patients with special nurtional needs?

the best one peach care because they pay for half of your child medical issues

What has the author Dena R Herman written?

Dena R. Herman has written: 'Demonstrating cost-effectiveness of nutrition services for children with special health care needs' -- subject(s): Child, Child Nutrition, Child Nutrition Physiology, Child health services, Children, Children with disabilities, Cost effectiveness, Directory, Economics, Health Service Needs and Demand, Managed Care Programs, Managed care plans (Medical care), Medical care, Needs assessment, Nutrition, Nutrition surveys

If the father has mental problems do you still have to pay child support?

Why not? It's still your child. Who has the child the father with mental problems or the custodial parent? Still if the father has mental problem and he fathered a child...yes he does have to pay child support. Was the father with mental problems receiving some type of disability for his mental problems? If so he is still responsible for paying child support. Does the father have custody of the child? Somebody needs to go back to court ad petition the court.

Can child support continue if child is diabetic?

Of course! The health situation does not change the fact that there is a child that needs to be taken care of.

What are some common issues for special needs individuals may require special consideration while exercising?

Health risk and safety are some common issues that will require special consideration for special needs individuals exercising. Being careful not to overexert special needs individuals is important.

Is there assistance towards school tuition for a special-needs child?

Yes, or you could send them to a school for special needs children e.g: wyvern school