Do you have a diagram for how vacuum lines hooks to engine 1973 corevtte engine set in 1978 Corvette body I had someone working on car that left in the middle of rebuild?

I don't have any diagrams, perhaps someone else will have one, but the older models didn't have many lines. There would be a spark-ported line from the distributor to somewhere along the main body of the carb, usually about half-way up the body. A vacuum guage would show little to no vacuum at idle and more vacuum at part-throttle. There would also need to be a large vacuum line from the power brake booster to either the intake manifold or the throttle body of the carb, depending on the year, and another for the pcv valve. These would use a 3/8" nipple. You'd need another line (also a continuous source) to the transmission if it's an automatic. Some models may have a vacuum actuated choke and possibly a source for disappearing headlights. Can't think of anything else.