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It is best to go to the doctor and get checked for an STD because if you wait you can do permanent damage to your ovaries, and fallopian tubes.

2006-07-19 01:05:16
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Should you be worried if you feel pain during intercourse?

no you should not..

What do you feel during conception?

neither persons will feel anything out of the ordinary. It would feel the same as normal intercourse.

What do it feel like during vagina intercourse?

it feels f@#%!ng amazing!!!!

Can you feel the cervix after ovulation during intercourse?

ovulation can be felt but not during active intercourse. fallopion tubes have eggs wating for sperm and after forming zygote will be embedded in utreus

Why does girl feel like pressing breast during intercourse?

It might help her feel more pleasured by the intamacy.

How should the female feel that she is discharging during intercourse?

it depends on the excitment in the females view

If your boyfriend was able to feel a diaphragm during intercourse will he likely feel the NuvaRing?

You are permitted to take your nuva ring out during intercourse. It should be reinserted within an hour. It will not change it's effectiveness. He probably will feel it if you leave it in however my partner liked it. Only one way to find out.

Can you feel the symptoms of pregnancy immediately after intercourse?

You can't feel the symptoms of pregnancy immediately after intercourse.

What does it mean if you have pain during intercourse and bleed after?

girl wil feel that her boy friend to be close with her after sex

How will you know your wife is virgin and if her hymen is broken and she doesnt bleeds during your first intercourse?

If your penis is large or long enough you should feel some initial resistance during depths of your penetration. Depending on the toughness of her hymen you may or may not feel it. Not all women bleed during intercourse for the first time.

Yesterday was my ovulation day according to the ovulation calculator but today there was a clear white discharge with no smell What does it mean i 'm trying to conceive?

Your body is ready to make a baby. Mother nature made it so females are ready for intercourse at the time of ovulation. Along with increased discharge, you may feel stronger sexual urges during ovulation.

Can men feel Mirena during intercourse?

Yes, Mirana has strings attached to the end of it and many men can feel the strings on Mirana during intercourse and it is extremely uncomfortable/painful for them. However, in some cases, Doctor's are able to shorten the strings enough to prevent either you or your partner from feeling the strings during intercourse. In some cases, women suffer from severe cramps and or nausea during/after intercourse. Some women have, also, reported feeling Mirana shift and/or "poke" them during intercourse. The only solution I have found is the removal of Mirana, so be cautious if considering having an IUD inserted. It is not as uncommon as Mirana portrays, on their site, for people to suffer from pain during sex for both women and men.

Why girl feel pain in legs and back after intercourse?

bcoz pain is natural after intercourse :p

Why would a girl feel pain from intercourse?

Girls feel pain the first time of intercourse because it's their first time. after that it may be because there is not enough foreplay to get the girl ready before intercourse begins.

Can your teeth feel loose sometimes?

your teeth can feel loose sometimes as it is new teeth coming out, if child. by kashfay

Is it OK for girls to have intercourse with other girls?

I feel that our society generally accepts it now. Its how you feel about it.

If you don't feel a painful sore during intercourse but get one 3 hours after sex can your partner be subject to the herpes virus?

Yes your partner can be subject to herpes.

When you dont feel anything during intercourse?

then it is better for you that you will have more time to enjoy. if u are unable to enjoy then compromise it that your paten-er is enjoying for a long time

When I'm in intercourse I'm scared I can't cooperate with my husband?

If you are scared because of something your husband wants you to do during intercourse that makes you feel uncomfortable or gives you physical pain then talk to him about it, maybe it's a misunderstanding, if he does not care how you feel and still wants it his way then you should get professional help, if he is abusing and hurting you on purpose got to the police and report it. You should not be forced to do anything that is painful or uncomfortable to you in any way during intercourse or any other situation either. Having intercourse with your husband should be a loving, enjoyable event for both you and him. Maybe you just need to talk to your doctor about it.

Is it normal for your teeth to hurt and feel loose after having a fixed brace?

Yes your teeth are getting used to it and moving. Good sign. They are not loose there just weak and feel loose

How does it feel after you loose your virginity?


How do gay guys feel pleasure in intercourse?

Exactly the same way that straight guys feel pleasure.

Is it possible to feel stomach flutters a couple of hours after intercourse?

Yes I always feel that after the passionate action.

Is estrogen cream break hymen?

There is no hymen. There's only several folds of tissue all along the vaginal entrance and occasionally one can break if you dilate it. 80% do not bleed during first intercourse or feel pain. The folds heal and goes back to normal. It looks the same before, during and after intercourse. And no to the question.

Can you feel menstrual fluid drip out?

Yes, you can feel menstrual flow leaving your body. It's just the same as with discharge, you can feel the fluid leaving your body - menstrual flow is often heavier and warmer than discharge.