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Do you have an eating disorder if for the last two years all you have done is thought about food and binged and purged and hid it from people and fasted?

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January 22, 2007 8:04PM

Yes you do have an eating disorder and it's called "Bulimia!" If you don't stop your stomach is a muscle and soon it won't be able to stop the purging. Bulimia and Anorexia is all about the person with it gaining control over their lives so it's to your best interest to seek out counseling before things get out of hand. Fasting can be a good thing if done properly, but it should always be done under a doctors care whether it be a conventional doctor's care of a doctor in Homeopathic medicine (the natural way.) You are one unhappy person and you have to try and figure out why. Usually it's because you feel you have no control in your life and unconsciously you know your can control one thing ... what you eat! Please seek that help with a therapist before your really get into trouble. If you don't you could die if you continue on this way!