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If there is proof to substantiate the claim, the offender can be sued in the court that benefits the injured party the most. In such situations the usual choice is small claims as it is strictly a Pro Se venue and it is relatively simple for a plaintiff to prove their case.

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Does your username keeps your computer area secure?

If it is used with a password then yes, unless someone guesses or finds out what it is.

What is that website where you sing into your computer and it guesses the song?

What are the dangers of not having a good password?

the danger of not having a good password is if someone knows guesses your password correct the could hack you and change your password. so make a password no one will guess but also one that you will remember!

What rhymes with guesses?


What is notiamsanna's password?

ilovejelly 2.mushroomtoes 3.unicornarethebest

Do you spell guesses like this?

Yes, the conjugation (or plural of a guess) is "guesses." I guess. You guess. He guesses.

How did people in the renaissance explain the moon and stars?

they made random guesses they made random guesses they made random guesses

Are all hypotheses correct?

No. Hypotheses are a series of educated guesses. And not all guesses are right.

What is the plural form of guess?

The plural of guess is guesses, e.g. It took him several guesses before he got the answer.

How many syllables in guesses?

The word guesses has two syllables. The syllables are divided like so: guess-es.

What are inferences?

Inferences are educated guesses.

Plural form of guess?


What is the plural word for guess?


What is a plural word for guess?


What is the synonyms for predictions?

Future guesses

What actors and actresses appeared in Three Guesses - 1971?

The cast of Three Guesses - 1971 includes: Jackie Burroughs as herself

How fast can a supercomputer crack a password?

How long is a piece of string? The time it takes to crack a password with a 'supercomputer' depends on two things- the strength of the password, the length and of course what you define as a supercomputer. Password cracking falls into two categories- wordlists and brute force. Wordlists look at common words- like love, hate, sexy, girl, 69, and other common words people for some reason like to use in passwords. Wordlists can quickly crack easy passwords in say less than a day assuming the user has used a fairly common phrase. If the password is tricky, then brute force must be used. It basically 'guesses' character by character until the lock clicks. If your password has one character, assuming its english, then there are 26 possibilities. Any computer made in the last say 20 years could probably work that out in a second to a minute. All it has to do is try every letter... Add another character (two character password) and it gets tricker- there's now 26 possibilities x 26 possibilities= 676 possibilities. A modern computer could still solve that in less than a minute. 3 character password= 177788 possibilities. A modern computer could probably solve in less than an hour. 4 character password= 46222488 possibillities. A modern computer should be able to solve in a few weeks... 5 characters? A modern computer should be able to solve in a year?... 6 characters? A modern computer could take many years... This is where a super computer might be needed. Get enough super- computers together, to distribute the load and you could have it in a matter of seconds. Most supercomputers will consist of an array of interconnected computers, these computers might have quad core processors and then several GPU (graphics processors) which can also take on part of the load. It's all about splitting the guesses up. As supercomputer power becomes the norm in 'personal computers' the need for other means of security (fingerprint scanners, retina scanners, face recognition) will become necessary. Because even a clever 8 character may not be strong enough in say 10 years, for a PC (with the strength of what we consider a massive super computer now) might be able to crack it in a matter of seconds).

Why do hypotheses need to be testable?

Let me start first of all by saying that hypothesis are guesses that scientists make,so they need to be tested because they are just mere guesses from one of the scientific processes of guesses need to be confirmed by testing to see how true it is,therefore since hypothesis are guesses scientists make,then it needs to be tested

Is there a coin flipping world record for correct guesses?

The world record for the number of correct consecutive coin flip guesses is currently 19.

Who has the company motto Guesses Unlimited?

The answer is "HYPOTHESIS"

What is the plural word for guess in a sentence?


What is a Ants in who guesses of Ants?

Elmo's Ants.

What is the plural word form for guess?

it is guesses

How many syllables does the word guesses have?


Plural form of a guess?

The plural of guess is guesses.