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Given that your brakes work correctly, and the tire diameter isn't changing, only the width, then the wider tire will brake harder before is starts to skid

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What is true about disc brakes?

It has a superior design that features a greater braking force.

Dodge 3500 replaced booster no steering when braking but I have braking and steering at separate times?

Replace the power steering pump.

Why disc brakes are used in two wheelers front wheel?

Braking power transmitted to the front wheel is high compare to that of rear wheel normally(60:40 or 70:30) in motor cycle.Disc brakes which has high magnitude of braking power compare to that of drum brakes are used in motor cycles to absorb the more braking power.

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The field of view becomes narrower.

What is government?

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Watchdog agency given the power to stop unfair business practices?

Better Business Bureau

Does the BMW X5 have a limited slip differential?

No, the X5 uses automatic differential braking, which sends power to the tires that have grip by individually braking the tires that don't.

What happens when you drive your car with the rotors low?

If the rotors are worn too thin, they could snap apart while braking, leaving you with no braking power at all.

Was the red power movement opposed to braking the law during their protest?


Why the object viewed disappears after switched to high power?

Higher magnification results in a narrower field-of-view.

What statements is true about disc brakes?

Improved braking power over drum brakes.

What is the difference between primary brakes and the secondary brakes?

Primary brakes are situated at the front wheels and provide about 70% of a vehicle's braking power. Your secondary brakes are located at the rear wheels and only provide about 30% of a vehicle's braking power.

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Zelda got wisdom. Link got courage Ganondorf got power powers of the Triforce xD

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The executive power of the US was given to the president.

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Everything that you can do is a power given by God.

What car is better the Ford Edge Or Jeep Cherokee?

In my opinion the Ford Edge is the better of the two, The edge has a better ride and handles considerably better, it really sticks to the road, excellant braking, good power and smooth shifting, at 19 - 26 MPG, it's quiter & less road noise, But I do belive they are both good vehicles.

Why were whites unfair to blacks?

because they grew up not knowing any better, when humans are given power they tend to abuse it.

When Japanese lords overthrew the shogun power was given to the?

Power was given to the Emperor.

Does the Prius use regenerative breaking?

Yes. Energy generated during regenerative braking recharges the traction battery and is later used to power the car. The Prius also has friction brakes (disk/drum), which are used at very low speeds or for hard braking. And it's braking, not breaking.

What is EBS on a car?

The Electronic Brake assist System (EBS) is a very efficient aid in emergency braking situations when the driver wants the vehicle to stop as quickly as possible. In these situations, most drivers apply the brake fast, but not with the maximum pressure, and this insufficient braking power leads to dangerously long braking distances. The system is triggered when the brake assist recognizes the fast and hard braking by the driver classified as typical 'emergency braking' and activates the maximum braking power immediately. Therefore even moderate pedal force leads to maximum deceleration. This can help avoid an accident or reduce its seriousness, due to decreased vehicle speed at the moment of collision.

What does the auxilary battery do in 2003 Mercedes e320?

It is a back up power supply to the sbc braking system. Just in case their is a total power failure with vehicles power supply.

Does a motorcycle rear disc brake provide sufficient braking power?

To stop yes. to stop fast NO

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The power that us given the states is call your mom

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