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It is important to recognize that "bulimia" or "bulimia nervosa" is a diagnosis. Like any other medical diagnosis you must meet certain criteria in order to be diagnosed 'bulimic.' According the the DSM IV (Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders) in order to be diagnosed with bulimia you must: 1) demonstrate episodes of binge eating (eating within any 2 hour period an amoutn of food larger than most people would eat. Binge eating is characterized also by a sense of lack of control while eating.) 2) demonstrate innapropriate compensatory behavior to avoid weight gain (i.e. self induced vomiting, inappropriate use of laxitives, fasting, or excessive exercise) 3) The above binge/purge cycle continues over at least a three month period of time, with an average of two binges/purges per week. 4) The individual is strongly influenced by body image and weight 5) The binge/purge cycle does not occur only during episodes of anorexia nervosa.

If all these criteria are not met, than technically, the individual is not bulimic. However, if the individual is expressing some of the symptoms, than perhaps that individual would be diagnosed with "EatingDisorder Not Otherwise Specified" (EDNOS.)

2008-09-17 23:30:18
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How is Bulimia different from Anorexia?

Bulimia is different from anorexia because for one during anorexia you eat little to no food and get waay too much excercise ... and two ... when you have bulimia you dont eat for several days and then you purge and puke up after you've eaten

How many times should you purge to get rid of a meal?

You should never purge. You are depriving your body of essential nutrients. These nutrients are required for your body to function. If you dont allow your body access to them, it will begin to shut down. If you have been purging for a long time, you might be suffering from Bulimia. This is a serious illness and I believe you should get counseling for it. Bulimia can kill.

What are the Side effects of bulimia?

Well, speaking from experience, yes it can be. I have been bulimic for 4 years and it has nearly killed me. Everytime I eat it hurts my stomach badly, every time I purge it hurts everything from my stomach up to my throat. I have kidney stones, which is very painful and can be caused from bulimia. I can't have children..that is painful emotionally... If you are bulimic or thinking of being bulimic, please take my advice and DONT.

How does bulimia start?

well first you take a dump and if it is orange then you have bulimia but dont worry go take another dump and u will be better

What is the disorder when you splurge on eating and then throw up but not bulimia?

dont understand this question, bulimia is when you eat than make your self vomit? hmmm....

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Are there vaccines for bulimia?

i would have to say no. a vaccine is something that prevents a disease. bulimia is an eating disorder. i dont think there is a vaccine for an eating disorder. sorry.

How long does it take to see a physical change with bulimia?

Hello, although I don't know exactly how long bulimia takes, anorexia starts in...i dont know a week or so?? So my guess for bulimia....about 4 or 5 days Hope I helped!!!

How many pounds can you lose by being bulimia?

if you are thinking of turning to bulimia to lose weight DONT! You are foolish! Your more likely to put on the weight from purging using laxatives and binge eating than losing..!

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Can bulimia cause tiredness?

its a very weird condition but im not too sure but you could make ur self tired if you worry and dont get enough sleep.

Does bulimia cause birth defects?

no but it will make your child skinny or not be able to live inside you because if you dont eat enough the baby will die inside your stomach :(

What should you do if bulimia doesn't help you lose weight?

Well, first of all, dont be bulimic, it will just hurt you. Diet and exercise are less extreme Second of all, if bulimia doesnt help, pills. And all that fat free food. That will help tremendously. And some total.

What are some street names for anorexia?

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