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no they are called adult locks

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Q: Do you have child locks on front doors of cars?
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Can child locks be installed on a cars front door?

no -.-

How open the doors 1990 BMW 735i?

you can open it (as most of the cars open there doors)from back to front

What is the function of side bars on doors of cars?

To protect you from front bars on grills of trucks.

What safety features should be in cars?

Cars should have doors and seat belts for safety features. Other safety features include: airbags, safety locks and anti-lock brakes.

What is the Record label of the Cars and the Doors?

The Cars and Doors were recorded by Elektra.

What is meant by the term suicide doors in cars?

suicide doors open the opposite way than doors of cars today

Where is the child lock located on a 2005 impala?

While many cars today come with child locks as a standard feature there are some that do not. One of those is the 2005 impala.

How reliable are Masterlock locks?

Masterlock is recognized around the world for reliable locks. The locks are tough under fire, pressure, driving cars over them, and determined copper thieves trying to cut locks on cable cars.

Why do car manufacturers put locks on cars?

To make them harder to steal, so a child won't fall out, so you can lock yourself in if necessary.

What cars doors open straight up?

Butterfly doors.

Who besides the motor speedway used a winged wheel logo?

Ohio state highway patrol has one on the front doors of the patrol cars.

Why do the power doors locks on your 98 Villager automatically lock Is there a fuse that you cannot find to replace?

That is just what happens. alot of cars have that. Once you go past 20 m/h they just lock.

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