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You would have to talk with the admission office of the school you wish to attend. In many cases they will waive courses or grant credits for previous school and life experiences.

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Q: Do you have college credits if graduated from trade school?
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Will I be able to transfer credits from trade school if I switch to a four-year college?

Some of the credits will be transferable. You will need to ask a counsilor at the college if all will be.

John carlos graduated high school?

Yes, he graduated from Machine Trade and Medal High School

Does Lincoln tech have credits?

No they don't its a trade school.

Is trade school concerned college?

No trade school is not considered to be college. Trade schools specialize in providing training for vocational careers such as carpentry.

What college did Donatella Versace go to?

colyon high school trade school college

First us president to graduate from college?

The first U.S. President to graduate from a college was George Washington, who graduated with a surveyor's license. This is not considered a college graduation in terms of today's standard since this school was indeed a trade school. The next president to graduate from an institution was John Adams, our second president. He graduated from Harvard College (now called Harvard University) in 1755.

After High school then what?

College, trade school or work.

What kind of degrees are offered at community college?

Generally, community colleges offer Associates degrees and possibly trade-school certifications. You can sometimes use the credits earned to transfer to a four-year college, though.

In what states can a person attend a class to learn English grammar and where are these schools located?

The applicant must have graduated from High School, obtained a GED or currently be enrolled in College, a Trade School or another type of Institution for Higher Learning.

What type of schooling will you have after high school?

University or College or Trade School

Do you need to go to high school college and trade school to be a pharmacist?

Yes, you definitely do. 8 years in college.

What is definition of higher-education?

In most countries that refers to any school higher than high school, ie -college, trade school or university.In most countries that refers to any school higher than high school, ie -college, trade school or university.

What trade school do you go to if you want to become a police officer?

It doesn't really matter what trade school you go into. All that matters is if the school is accredited. But keep in mind if you go to a trade school most of the time the credits you earn wont transfer to a four year college, so if you wanted to advance in the field but needed a higher degree you would have to start out all over again. If you mind is set on a trade school though some good ones might be: Colorado Technical University, University of Phoenix, and ITT tech those are also nation wide so you can transfer to a different area if need be and don't have to worry about losing credits.

Do you need to go to college or trade school?

You will need a high school diploma or GED.

What kinds of trade schools are available?

If you are not planning on attending college after high school, there are a few options for you to further your education. You can choose a trade school or a vocational school.

Do you have to go to college if you what to be a horse Breeder or a trade school?

No you don't

What is a accredited university or college?

Accreditation in the strictest sense refers to whether credits from the institution in question will be accepted by other colleges. While most schools have specific agreements, called articulation agreements, with certain other schools in the area--e.g., a community college in the area might accept credits from a trade school it knows well--accreditation is more universal.

What is better trade school or college?

That depends on what you want from them. You won't get a doctorate from a trade school, but a university won't teach you a lot of things either.

On build a bearville can you trade bear bills for credits?

sorry no you cant trade bearbills for credits you can get credits online or at your local buildabear workshop shop store to buy

Can you trade outfitter credits on build a bear ville?

no you can not trade them because you bought those credits at the store with your money so they will not let you trade it.

What classes does a carpenter need to take in college?

Attending a good trade school and then apprenticing will get you to the journeyman status of the trade.

What type of school should I be looking at the become an ultrasound tech Community college Trade school?

To become an ultrasound tech a trade school would be best for you. Trade schools specialize in jobs that are that limited in description making you a specialist.

How long do you have to go to college to be an taxidermy?

you do not have to attend college to be a taxidermist. You can attend a trade school, or even learn at home

Where can I find a dental hygiene school?

There are a lot of trade school that offers dental hygiene schools. Some of them are Concorde, Bryman School, American Career College, and Carrington College California.

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