Do you have fat in your bladder?

Xenotpalhdialdendalogy is the a very serious scientific study in which your bladder undergoes a series of painful, and chemical test in the lab only sertified by Dr. Hemajemawallaballhemsinfoofoo, located in the middle of Antarctica. To receive this test, you must first have a pole with an electric hand on the end stuck up your rear to reach your bladder. Then, it is grasped in the hand, and jerked out. Then, you are put to sleep. Then your bladder is placed on a platter, and served to a bunch of angry Cave Men. Then, in place of your bladder, the platter is placed, and you eventually, well....turn into a caveman yourself, and run back to Antarctica in serch of your fellow brotheren.

Side effects include: continuous country music playing in your head, your stomach enlarging, a rash on your butt, continuous drooling, monkey dancing and pacing, and impersonating a Christmas Tree.


good luck to all of you who may have "fat in their bladder"


Well, not actually in the bladder but there is a lining of fat tissue along the outside of the bladder....whoever took time out of their day to make that novel of an answer is not the brightest person and didnt understand the question