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Q: Do you have good genes for wearing good jeans explain?
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Do have good genes for wearing jeans?

no because genes are something totally different

Do you have good genes for wearing good jeans?

no 'cause genes are your bodies make up and jeans are a long pant clothing articles.

Do good jeans have good genes?

no because genes are something totally different

Why are One Direction so cute?

They had good genes (No, not jeans. Genes as in DNA.)

What are the advantages and disadvantages of wearing jeans?

advantage: if your body posture is good then jeans helps to show that. disadvantage: cramps in thighs. itching in genitals.

At what age should a women stop wearing tight jeans?

never. as long as she looks good in them...

How do you wear skinny jeans with nike dunk lows I'm a guy?

wear it like a man. avoid wearing too skinny jeans. make sure your jeans are not too tight, because you're a man :D skinny jeans look good with dunk lows

Does Joe Jonas like girls wearing skinny jeans?

I think so, at least he weres them too so he should like girls in skiny jeans. ok well dat is a good answer

How can you make your legs look thicker?

Instead of wearing skinny jeans you cour wear really loose jeans. I suggest you pull the pants over boots. Sweat pants are a good idea too.

Why does it feel good 'down there' when you stand in a certain position while wearing tight jeans?

It feels good for me too, but I think why it feels so good, is because it is kind of rubbing your vagina, and gives you that sexual expierence. ;)

What are your opinions on men wearing tight jeans?

many guys (both gay and straight) think tight jeans look great on slim or muscular guys, especially if they are ultra-low rise cut, and don't sag, i.e. pulled up they are still super low and show off a nice package; plenty of guys are wearing them now, some gay and some straight. Best are men wearing woman jeans that have lycra 2% para stretch and woman jeans have better fit, look much better than men jeans, which look like wearing a potatoe sack. Of course too tight is not good, but a good snug fit is very sexy. In my opinion its HOT

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