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Q: Do you have tablature music for 5 string banjo for Mr Bojangles?
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What is a bass guitar tab?

Bass guitar tablature (and guitar tablature) is a simplified music notation system. Rather than notes on a staff, tablature uses numbers on a set of lines. Each line represents a string on the neck of the guitar, and each number represents a fret.

What music is a four string banjo played in?

folk, bluegrass

What type of instrument is a Banjo?

The banjo is a stringed instrument with a thin membrane stretched over a frame or cavity to form a resonator. A banjo has different versions such as the 4-string version and the 5-string version. The modern Banjo is popular in jazz, fusion and also in classical contexts. A new of flow of cool and funky banjo inspired music has arrived.

What instrument is used in banjo music?

The style of banjo music is associated with country, bluegrass, Irish and folk instruments. The instruments most commonly used are the four, five or six string banjo, and the American fiddle.

What is the difference between tablature and riffs?

Tablature is a way of writing music, a riff is a theme in music. You hear a riff, you write and read tab.

What does tab method mean when playing guitar?

Well there is this thing called tablature (tabs), and there is also sheet music. Sheet music has actual musical notes. Tablature does not, it has 6 lines(signifying the 6 strings of your guitar), and uses numbers (signifying the fret you will use) for you to read the music. Tablature is much easier to use, especially for beginners. There are websites that teach you how to read tablature.

What instruments are used in bluegrass music?

Acoustic string instruments (fiddle, five-string banjo, guitar, mandolin, upright bass (string bass) + sometimes a resonator guitar (aka Dobro), harmonica and vocals.)

What is a tab book?

"Tab" is short for tablature, a method of music notation for fretted string instruments. Instead of traditional Western music notation which uses a staff to represent the relative "highness" or "lowness" of pitches, tablature actually represents the individual strings of the instrument, with a number or letter indicating the fret to be pressed for each note. Tablature is most associated with guitar today, but actually dates back to the Renaissance lute and related instruments. Tablature may also be used by mandolin, ukulele, etc. Tablature has the advantage of being able to indicate not only what notes to play, but how to finger them, which is critical for learning complex guitar licks; thus its popularity in the self-teaching guitar community. It is also easier to write and share without specialized music publishing software.

Will many people learn to read music notation?

No most people now a days will learn what is called as tablature. It also depends on what kind of instrument you play. For instance, piano and other woodwind and brass instruments only come in music notation, while guitar and bass guitar come in both tablature and music notation. Tablature is very easy to read and it's easier to break the song down into single keys or notes using tablature.

What is the purpose of guitar tabs?

Guitar tabs are guitar tablature. It is like sheet music for guitars. The purpose of guitar tablature is so the person playing guitar can play the music. It has all the notes to songs.

How many lines were on a musical staff from the medieval time preiod?

There was no specific number of lines for a medieval musical staff. Some of the music was written with no lines at all. Some had one line, and others four. A lot of music was written in tablature notation, with a line for each string on the instrument that was used to play the music.

How much is a 4 string Bruno tenor banjo with original case but is missing one string everything else is good what is it worth Rednecklady chg

I saw one in a music shop, that I think is a little over priced in general, today for $275 no case included. It was a Bruno 4 sting banjo problably from the fifties or sixties.

What type of music does the banjo play?

Although dixieland and bluegrass are the the most popular banjo styles, all kinds of music can be played on the banjo.

What is the difference between a banjo and banjo?

A banjo refers to the instrument and just banjo would refer to the music. Such as we'll play banjo music.

What is a tab in musical terms?

Tab is a form of music that is written for guitarists (short for tablature).

What has the author Walter Kaye Bauer written?

Walter Kaye Bauer has written: 'Familiar Music For The Mandolin With Classic Guitar Accompaniment (Mandolin)' 'Method for the Tenor Banjo' 'Jigs and Reels for 5 String Banjo'

What is a tablature?

Tablature is a way of reading music on guitars e.g. Top E ------------0 (0 = the open string so 1 would be the first fret) B------------------0----------- G-------------------------0---------------- D---------------------------------0------------------- A------------------------------------------0---------------------- Bottom E---------------------------------------------------0----------------------- this is in an order so you would play the top E first then B then G and so on and so forth. Also go onto for more of this stuff hope this helps

Is it hard to learn guitar when you are 14?

No - If you have not checked it out yet, Miso Music is a free iPad application that teaches stringed plectrum instroments! The app teaches users how to play songs on the guitar, bass, banjo, and 'ukulele using Miso Media's patented scrolling tablature system which not only shows users strumming and fingering, but also gives real time feedback with scrolling tablature as the correct notes are played. Think Guitar Hero with real notes, real instruments, and real learning!

Where can one buy the Guitarist's Tablature Book and what can one expect to learn from it?

You could buy the Guitarist's Tablature Book from any local music shop. What you would learn from it is how to play the guitar at the fullest ability and at a professional ability.

What is Japanese music like?

Traditional Japanese music is usually flowing, soft, quiet, and relaxing. Many of the traditional instruments are either woodwind or string. Most resemble either flutes or something that looks like a lute (a medieval "guitar" or "banjo").

What is a tab in a guitar?

Guitar tab (abbreviation for "Tablature") is a system of notation proprietary to guitar, which allows for playing pieces of music without learning to read sheet music. It is written on six vertical lines, indicating the strings, from thickest on the bottom to thinnest on top. The numbers indicate fret positions, where 0 is an open string, and all numbers above that are fretted notes.

What are the big five of bluegrass instruments?

Bluegrass is a sub-genre of country music that relies heavily on acoustic stringed instruments. Its five major instruments are the fiddle, the guitar, the mandolin, the five string banjo, and the upright bass.

What music family does the banjo belong too?

The banjo belongs to the music family of the American banjo. There are several different types of banjos, which are classified according to the number of strings they have, and their overall construction. Most banjos use 4 or 6 strings.

What is a Bass clef used for?

A bass clef is basically a trebble clef, but it tells you it's bass music/tablature.

Can a banjo be used in jazz music?