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Do you have the right to rescind in wi on auto sales?


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October 20, 2011 8:07PM

Depends, why is it you want to rescind??? How long have you owned the vehicle? Was the vehicle new or used when you bought it? All these factors and more matter, there is no easy answer for this. If the car you bought is used and you have constant problems/repairs on it, then you may be protected under lemon laws. If you enter into the contract under (a) false pretense(s), you may have a case. For example, you later found out that the milage is incorrect, or perhaps you were told the vehicle had a clear title and this was later found out by you to be untrue. You may find this to be difficult to prove unless something was signed by you and the dealership. Your contract itself may have info on this matter. If you simply do not want it, or can't afford it anymore, this isn't a dealership problem. So you will be stuck with it. If you don't want it, you could try trading it in, though you will probably owe more then the trade in value. Good dealers can hide this fact by way of trade allowance, as long as you aren't too "flipped" (owe a lot more then the car is worth). If you can't afford it, you can try talking to the lender, see if they can lower the interest rate or re-structure the deal into a longer term.