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Most states require a CPO for public and commercial pools, but not for pools for personal use (such as a home pool). Check with your state licensing office for further information.

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Q: Do you have to be a certified pool operator to add pool chemicals?
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What pool chemicals do I add to restore balance to the pH of the pool?

To raise the pH of your pool you add soda ash (sodium carbonate). To lower the pH of your pool add muriatic acid (hydrochloric acid) or sodium bisulfate. You should always add chemicals with the pump running and check your levels again once the newly added chemicals have been circulated around the pool.

At what time of the day should I add clorine for swimming pool maintenance?

Most authorities advise adding chlorine (and other chemicals) in the evening. I would not add any chemicals during the hottest part of the day or when the sun is beating down. Most people prefer to add pool chemicals at night after they're through with the pool so the chemicals can work overnight.

How long after plastering a pool can you add chemicals?

as soon as you put the water in you can ad chemicals to it

Do you have to add chemicals to your pool?

no. there are "natural pools". but if you want the classic clean blue pool, you have to.

What chemicals are needed to add to a swimming pool?

Take a sample to a pool store with a "water chemistry certified" tech. They can tell you exactly what is missing. Normally pools need stabalizer, chlorine, acid and soda. Extra chems are used to rid or avoid problems

How do I know the amount of swimming pool chemicals I need for my home swimming pool?

You will need to add an amount of chemicals that is proportional to the size of your pool. The containers of the chemicals should tell you how much to add for the size of pool you have. It might be better if you take a sample of water to a local pool supply store, so that they can tell you exactly what you need for your specific pool.

How do you get pH lower in the pool without chemicals?

You could add water.

What order should chemicals be added to a new above ground pool?

you can add them in any order but DO NOT mix the chemicals they can cause fires the best bet is to test the water see what you need and add it to the pool one at a time then retest you may have to add chemicals several times in the first week or two until you get enough of a build up to sustain a clear safe pool. good luck

How do you fix a green salt water pool?

To fix a green salt water pool, add chlorine. Users can also add algae prevention chemicals to keep the pool from turning green.

If pump goes out how can you maintain pool chemicals?

Add chemicals in manually and give it a good stir every so often.

Why do you test water?

Water needs to be tested for, lets say, a pool, because it is important to know what chemicals to add to your pool.

How do you get rid of hazzy pool water?

Make sure your chemicals are balanced and add a clarifier available at your pool supply dealer.

What type of chemicals are you suppose to use in your pool to keep it clean?

You can add chlorine and that should keep the pool very clean.

How does one maintain a spa pool?

This is something that can be done yourself, or with the aid of a local pool supply store. You need to test your water to see what the level of chemicals are, and add chemicals to balance the levels.

Is there a way to keep a swimming pool clean by using plants instead of harmful chemicals?

You can add some kind of herbs to the pool.

Is it illegal to add chemicals to a pool while people are in it?

Well, whether it is illegal or not to clean a pool with people in it is unimportant, it is inadvisable considering that most of the chemicals that are added to a pool are hazardous until dissolved in the proper concentrations in the pool. Most of the chemicals used to balance or clean a pool need at least several hours and sometimes up to a day to disperse completely in the pool water. Some of the chemicals are relatively mild like baking soda, but others can be quite deadly to humans such as the chlorine and the acids used to adjust ph. never add shock to a pool when there are people in it. other chemicals should not be added either, even though they may not pose a threat.

is it ok to install an above ground pool in the winter?

Sure, why not. Set it up, cover it and wait until early summer to start working on it. I wouldn't add any water to it yet, since in the early summer you have to add your pool chemicals to it. So why waste the chemicals in the winter.

Can you add sodium bicarbonate to a swimming pool while people are swimming in it?

You shouldn't add chemicals to a pool in which people are swimming. Add the chemicals, ensure that you've made the correct adjustment to the water chemistry and that the water is safe, and then allow people back in. To be honest, it probably wouldn't hurt them - but it wouldn't be wise.

How do you add liquid chlorine to a salt water pool?

you pour the liquid chlorine in the pool and wait for a certain time for all the chemicals to settle before you get in.

How soon can you SWIM after filling your new pool?

After you add all of the chemicals that are needed (get your water tested at a pool dealer) usually the next day at the longest.

How much Clorox to add to a 8000 gallon pool?

I have found out that I can add clorox, baking power, and borox to my 8000 gallon pool instead of buying all the chemicals but I am not sure how much to use can you help me?

What do you do after you fill a pool with pool chemicals?

well maybe it wil be wise to get a pool tester. and test the chemicals if it is ok or not ok if you just put the chemicals in the you my wanna wait because the chemicals are still strong and killing in the wost pain amagineble.caseing to burn human skin Please fill your pool with water, then gradually add chlorine and check the pH with an OTO test kit. Write back if you have further questions. Hatawa

What are the consequences of too much Acid in a pool?

It could smart your eyes; also pool chemicals like chlorine will not work as well. Add pH plus.

Do you leave filter pump on while shocking your pool or?

Yes, you should run the pump when you add chemicals to your water,

How long will it take for my pool to clear it is new it sat for a week no chemicals no pump I added muratic acid shock chlorine and stabilizer at pool stores guidance the green went away but cloudy?

Add clarifying chemicals and turn the pump back on.