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Yes. You need to show the forms of identification they specify anyway to prove who you say you are in the first place. What forms of proof are acceptable will vary from state to state. One source of information is your local chamber of commerce, if you have one.

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Do you have to be 18 to get your license in California?

16 is the legal age, unless you are able to prove some form of hardship requiring a license at a younger age.

How do you prove your age for a marriage license without a drivers license or birth certificate?

you cant they make a copy of your dl and bc and you need a ssc

What is the legal age to buy a knife in kansas?

As far as I know you have to be 18 and of course, be able to prove it with a valid drivers license at the time of purchase.

What type of questions do they ask to get a marriage license?

full names, birthdates, social security numbers, age, address and parents full names and state of births. you have to have your id also to prove its you

Can i sign legal contract at 17 if i am married?

In most states, being married automatically emancipates you. You may have to prove age and marriage, but you should be able to sign a contract.

Can you get a marriage license in Arkansas and get married in Oklahoma?

No. The marriage license can be used only in the State of Arkansas and the marriage ceremony can only take place in the State of Arkansas. If you want to get married in Oklahoma, you must get your marriage license in Oklahoma, from a county court clerk. You do not have to be a former or current resident of Oklahoma to obtain a marriage license there. There is no waiting period from the application date until the license is issued and you will receive your license immediately. If under age 18, there is a 72 hour waiting period.

Can an underage person drink with their spouse with a marriage license in Tennessee?

In a "private" setting perhaps, but NOT in a licensed ABC establishment. The existence of a marriage license or emancipation do not affect the drinking laws of the state. (A license does not change the individual's age.)

What is the legal age for marriage without parental consent in Rhode Island?

{| |- | The age of majority is 18. That is what is required to apply for a marriage license in Rhode Island. Prior to that age, the parents have to give their consent. |}

What are the requirements for a marriage?

The requirements for a marriage are that you be of age in the state you are in and that you file for a marriage license. Sometimes it is required that you have a blood test as well. Then, you need to be married by a licensed officiant.

Is it illegal to propose under the age of 16?

No, not illegal, but pretty stupid. In most places you aren't going to be able to apply for a marriage license until you are 16 and have parental permission.

What states let you get married under age 18 without parent consent?

Pennsylvania has a law that will permit this.You must be living with a resident of Pennsylvania over the age of 18 and that person must be able to prove that they are the primary provider of care to the 17 year old,Not the biological parents.This proof must be provided when applying for a marriage license and the process takes about 3 days.

Is a marriage valid if a person lied about age on MARRIAGE license?

only if both were over 18 and if not then not until the underage one turns 18.

What is the legal marriage age in Arkansas?

{| |- | Like all states, the age to get married in Arkansas is 18. Under that age, parental consent is required. The local licensing office can provide the requirements for applying for a marriage license. |}

What age do you have to be to get your car license?

In the USA, you have to be 16 to be able get your license. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- CORRECTION: You have to be 16 to get your DRIVERS PERMIT, meaning you can drive but with an adult in the car with you. 18 is the age that you can get a real license and drive on your own.

What age do you have to be to get a license upstate New York?

You have to be sixteen years of age in upstate ny to get your juniors permit and six months later you are able to get your license.

What age do people get their license?

Driver's license: somewhere between 15 and 20. Firearms license: dependent on area, but normally after 16. Bar manager's license: normally after 20. Marriage license: often after 30, sometimes before.

If you lie on your marriage license is it a legal marriage?

It will depend on what the lie was about. If the truth would have resulted in no license being issued, it would not be a legal marriage. If it is something such as the wrong age, but still old enough to get married, it probably would not be considered to nullify the marriage, but it could be used to show their lack of trustworthiness in court.

Can a child outside of marriage receive social security death benefits?

If they qualify for benefits age-wise they are entitled to collect as long as they can prove paternity.If they qualify for benefits age-wise they are entitled to collect as long as they can prove paternity.If they qualify for benefits age-wise they are entitled to collect as long as they can prove paternity.If they qualify for benefits age-wise they are entitled to collect as long as they can prove paternity.

What is the legal age to marry in Georgia?

In most Georgia counties both of you have to be 18 to apply for a marriage license. If you are 16-17yo you will need parental consent and in some counties also a probate judge has to approve the marriage license application.

Can you get married at age 13?

There are currently no statues in the US that would issue a marriage license for a 13 year old.

Can you get married at the age of 15 without your parents knowing?

No. At 15 they will not issue you a marriage license without a court order.

Can you get married at age seventeen without parental consent in Mississippi?

Not unless you get a court order to obtain a marriage license.

Can you get married in Florida at age of 16 without your parent be present and they can sign a paper saying that they agree?

They have to be with you to get the marriage license.

How old do you atleast have get married with parent permission?

The minimum age to obtain a marriage license is 16 with parental permission.

Can i get social security at age 59?

You can get Social Security before age 62 only if you are able to prove disability, which is SSI.