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It is my understanding that the minor/permit holder does not have to go on their parents insurance, but is covered by their parents---they can not drive alone. You have to put them on your insurance within 30 days of them becoming licensed. Bottom line-- the parents insurance does not go up until the teen has their license. This sounds like a case of divorced Dad visits--- in which case the teen does not have to be listed on his Dad's insurance as a driver, because he does not reside with him. If Dad's is legal residence, he has to be listed. ( I live in Massachusetts, all the info I just gave came from experience.)

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How do you get insurance with just your learners permit?

how do i get car insurance with just my learners permit?

Should someone with a learners permit have insurance?


Learners permit insurance loan?

Do not know what you mean by 'insurance loan'?

Can you get insurance if you are 17 and have only a learners permit?


Do you need insurance with a learners permit in MD?


Does Florida law require you to have insurance even if you only have a learners permit?

Allstate will not charge you for a driver with a learners permit for the first year.

Do you need insurance to get a learners permit?

No, the teeager is covered by the parent or whoever sign for them to get the permit.

Can you get a car in your name with just a learners permit?

You can but it will be expensive on Insurance

What car insurance is available for person on learners permit?


Can you get auto insurance with a learners permit in Texas?

It is best to wait til you have your drivers license, I would check with your agent but you should be covered with the learners permit.

Can you drive a rental car with a learners permit?

No, for company insurance reasons

How much is insurance if you have your learners permit?

I would wait til you get your license.

Can you drive in Georgia with an out of state learners permit?

You can drive in Georgia with an out of state learners permit. You need to be accompanied by a driver over the age of 21, and you have to have valid insurance.

Do you need auto insurance when you have a learners permit?

Yes you do If you have a learners permit, you should always be accompanied by an adult that has a valid drivers license , And yes the car most be insured.

Can you get a car insurance with only a learners permit?

No, you can not get insurance unless you have at least one licensed driver on a policy.

I have my learners permit - does insurance increase when I get my driver's license in NY?

Your Insurance Rates will almost always "decrease" when you obtain your permanent Drivers License, barring any accident or tickets having accumulated while you had the learners permit.

Does the insurance go up if you get a learners permit if you do not have a car or insurance in your name?

How can insurance go up if you don't have it? You have to have it first for it to go up.

Do you need insurance when your child just got her learners permit?

This varies by state law. Ask your insurance company.

How much will insurance go up if you have a learners permit in GA?

up to 423 dollars

Do you need to be added to your parents auto insurance policy when you have a learners permit?

Have your parents contact your insurance agent as soon as you receive your learners permit. Most companies require that you be added to policy as a driver. Most companies don't charge an extra premium for drivers with learners permits but do want them listed.

Is my son covered on my policy with his learner's permit?

Most insurance companies will automatically insure a child in your home with a learners permit. It is best to check with your insurance company to be sure.

Do you need insurance for a learners permit in tn?

I hope not for my sake, but it's always best to check with your auto insurance provider.

Does a 15 year old with a learners permit have to be added to your insurance?

Absolutely, and before they start driving.

In the state of Georgia does a person with just a learners permit have to have auto insurance?

no. because as long as the parents has insurance they are fine. And this is only if the parent adds them on their insurance.

Can you buy a car with a learners permit?

can you buy a new car with learners permit?