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you beat it 12 times with all level 100 dittos good luck i did it it works

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Do you have to beat the Elite Four 10 times with a level 100 Pokemon to get Mew or can it be nine times using a level 100 Pokemon4 50 times in Pokemon emerald Versionemerald version?

whoever told you that if you beat the Elite Four10 times was a liar. Those are just annoying things that are total wastes of time because Itried it and it didnt work.

What is the fastest way to level up?

For lower level Pokemon (Lv1 - Lv35), Give an Exp Share on the Pokemon you want to level up. Battle the highest leveled Pokemon in the game (Eg: The Elite 4.) using any Pokemon that can defeat it. Your Pokemon will receive lots of Exp and level up quickly. For higher level Pokemon (Lv36 - Lv99) Battle the Elite 4 or strong trainers.

Can you get any ticket that brings you to Lugia by using a level 100 Pokemon and defeting the Elite Four 10 times?

yeah, my counsin told me that was true. it sounds pretty legit, too

Is there a way to beat the elite four in Pokemon diamond without battling and using a AR?

yes but it is hard you should get your Pokemon to level 55-86

Who are the elite four in Pokemon Gold?

1st- 2nd- 3rd- 4th- Leader- I recommend using Ho-oh level 100 and any other 5 Pokemon you want

Pokemon FireRed starter?

im using only charizard except for HMs which i have separate Pokemon for. He's level 72 right now and im just about to slaughter the elite four. Long love Pokemon

What Pokemon can beat the elite four in Pokemon black?

there are no specific Pokemon that can automatically beat the elite four. HOWEVER, ( i speak from experience) i beat the elite four with one Pokemon whitch was Samurott. i suggest using Samurott 2. hope i helped! :) - Raven

What level are the Pokemon in the Battle Pyramid in Pokemon Emerald?

It could be any level. Depending on the Pokemon your using with the highest level.

Can my team beat the elite 4 on Pokemon pearl?

Can a level 72 torterra 55 garchomp, 56 Palkia, 61 Lucario a 52 Bastiodon and level 57 Rapidash beat the Elite 4? Im training all the level 60 under Pokemon to 58 or something near that.. Also, I can get up to Flint and sometimes Lucian without using any potions with only a couple of Pokemon fainting. -- GM_Nintendo

Where can I train my Pokemon for the elite four on Pokemon Diamond?

It is recommended to train Pokemon at level 40 or higher in Victory Road. Once you defeat the Elite Four, that is your best bet for leveling up your Pokemon quickly, but before then, Victory Road or using the VS. Seeker on previous trainers you fought is a great way to boost your Pokemon's level. If available, let them hold a Lucky Egg, which increases the EXP. they gain after a battle.

You have dialga at level 55 empeleon on level 50 staraptor on level 50 and luxray on the same level two of the lake trio are they enif to chalenge the elite 4?

I doubt it. At the end, the guy has a level 66. I would recommend using the VS seeker in the water south of the Pokemon league to level up luxray and staraptor. You might also need a few more types. Won't take long at all to get your Pokemon up. I know the first elite 4 uses bug Pokemon. So, I would recommend a decent fire type.

Where do you catch remoraidon pokemon diamond?

at the elite four using the good rod

How do you beat the Elite Four using cloned Pokemon?

Beating the Elite 4 Using ClonesYou just use your cloned Pokemon I don't know what you really ment but I have cloned Pokemon and it lets me use them.Ask the question clearer next time thanks.

I am trying to get a cool time that can beat the elite four any time so what does a good Pokemon team consist of?

A level 100 Kadabra or Alakazam. I can clean the Elite Four using metronome and psychic in a very short amount of time.

What level Pokemon do you need to beat the elite 4 on Pokemon leafgreen?

it really depends on the move sets. you can't change pokemon, so you should have a variety of moves, especially fire, flying, psychic, and dragon. however, it was recently researched that a level 5 rattata could take the whole elite four down, using various tms but also starter moves.right...(hint sarcasm)

Is Giratina Infernape electabuzz drapion Lucario and floatzel a good team for the elite four and Cynthia?

yes they are really good depends also on the level there are but they are an awesome team i beat the elite four and Cynthia using those same Pokemon but mine were level 89 i battle with them like crazy to reach that level but they are really good choice

How do you get to elite 4 in Pokemon Sapphire?

Get a level 60+ Kyogre. This works no gamesharks. It needs sheer cold, hydro pump (with at least 8 pp with using pp ups), surf, and ice beam. Get a level 50+ starter. Put 4 level 40+ fallback Pokemon in your party. you should win.

How does someone level up in Pokemon?

By battling other Pokemon and defeating them. You can also level up your Pokemon by using 'rare candies'.

How do you make pokemon evolve in pokemon black?

Pokemon evolve when you level them up to a certain level, by trading them, by friendship, or by using stones.

What is the best place to get your blakiken from lv 71 to 100 you already beat the elite four so which the best place to train?

it took me a bit to get to lvl 100 but i found the best place to level up was the elite 4. you can go back to the elite 4 as many times as you like and to double the exp that you earn put the EXP SHARE on your Pokemon that you are using to fight. e.g. Blaziken hope this helps :) Thanks!

How do you defeat the elite four in Pokemon platinum using only level1 Pokemon?

Cheating. Just train your pokemon. It's much more fulfilling.

Beating the elite four in LeafGreen?

It's fairly easy to beat the Elite Four in Leaf Green if you have the right attacks, Pokemon, and Pokemon levels. My team for the Elite Four are all (legit) Level 100's. Here's my recommended team: Alakazam: Psybeam Psychic Metronome Shadow Ball Hitmonchan: Brick Break Seismic Toss Metronome (you can also have another Fighting attack, such as Mega Punch) Sky Uppercut Blastoise: Waterfall Earthquake Strength Surf (yes, I know, 3/4 of the attacks are HM's. But it works for me!) Nidoking: Mega Punch Thunderbolt Ice Beam Earthquake Okay! Now, for battling the Elite Four. The first Elite Four member you will be fighting will be Lorelei. She uses Ice-type Pokemon. I will display the list of her Pokemon when you have the National Pokedex, along with the other Elite Four members. Dewgong, Level 64 Lapras, Level 66 Jynx, Level 66 Cloyster, Level 63 Piloswine, Level 63 Fighting-type Pokemon are extremely effective against Lorelei's Pokemon, so I would suggest a Hitmonchan or a Hitmonlee. The second Elite Four member is Bruno, who uses Fighting and Steel-type Pokemon. He will have these Pokemon. Steelix, Level 65 Hitmonlee, Level 65 Hitmonchan, Level 65 Machamp, Level 68 Steelix, Level 66 I would recommend using a Fighting-type Pokemon on both of his Steelix's, and a strong Psychic Pokemon, such as Kadabra OR Alakazam, on his Fighting Pokemon. Next is Agatha, the third Elite Four member. She uses Poison and Ghost-type Pokemon. These are the Pokemon she uses. Gengar, Level 66 Crobat, Level 66 Gengar, Level 70 Misdreavus, Level 65 Arbok, Level 68 You've come so far, but there are two battles left. Next is Lance the Dragon Trainer, who, of course, uses Dragon-type Pokemon. These are the Pokemon he uses. Gyarados, 68 Kingdra, 66 Dragonite, 68 Aerodactyl, 70 Dragonite, 72 This is where Nidoking comes in. Using Thunderbolt on his Gyarados and Kingdra sure does a lot of damage. On his remaining Dragonite's and Aerodactyl, use Ice Beam, which will be very effective. Last but not least is your Rival, or, to be exact, the Elite Four Champion! Since you're this far, I'd suggest saving, so if you lose, you can start over. I'm going to provide a list of his Pokemon when he chose Charmander as his starter. Heracross, Level 72 - use a Psychic Pokemon, such a Alakazam or Kadabra. Psybeam or Psychic (preferred) will be very effective. Alakazam, Level 73 - keep your Alakazam or whichever Psychic Pokemon you have out, making sure you have Shadow Ball as one of your moves. It will be very effective on his Alakazam. Tyranitar, Level 72 - a Water-type Pokemon, such as Blastoise, will be perfect to beat Tyranitar. Exeggutor, Level 73 - using your Nidoking's Ice Beam, or one of your other Pokemon's Ice Beam, will be sure to bring success in defeating this tricky Exeggutor. Gyarados, Level 73 - a nice Thunderbolt will bring this Gyarados down. Charizard, Level 75 - three words: a Water-type Pokemon! And . . . congratulations! You've defeated this long journey of defeating the Elite Four. I'd suggest that your Pokemon be Level 75 when you have the National Pokedex. Then, soon enough, they'll be the golden level, Level 100. Good luck! Hope this helped. ~Katie

Does using an action replay in Pokemon allow you to control higher level Pokemon?


What level does Jigglypuff level up in on Pokemon?

It will evolve by using a moon stone on it.

On Pokemon LeafGreen where do you get poliwag?

You can get Poliwag by fishing (using the Super Rod) on the Elite 4 trail.