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You DO NOT have to take it back, but it will save you some money if you do. They will come pick it up if you tell them to.

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Is a repossession company in Michigan responsible for returning belongings?

The repossession company is not responsible for returning belongings. The repossession company is responsible for notifying you where you can pick up your belongings and at what times. Some companies charge you a storage fee or only give you a few weeks to pick up your belongings before they become theirs.

Where can you buy a GMC Yukon in Pittsburgh Pa?

Look in your yellow pages for your local GMC dealer and ask if he has a way for you to contact the dealer in Pittsburgh. He will most likely assist you as he can offer to order the car for you or pick it up from that dealership and bring it to you!

What is your obligation if you take the car back to the bank before they come to get it?

When the car gets back to the bank, its sold and the debtor owes the difference between what it sold for and the outstanding balance on the loan. IF it sells for more than is owed, debtor has to pick up the check for the surplus. There are no differences between a voluntary repossession/relinquishment of vehicle by the borrower and the forced repossession/recovery by the lender, except for some of the repossession costs such as towing. FYI, a bank will not allow you to return the vehicle in the sense that you can "drop it off" somewhere.

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Are the repossession agent allowed to charge a storage fee and and a repossession fee in the state of Missouri?

Yes. The repossession fee is like a tow bill. They did pick up the vehicle. The storage fee is the time it takes to get the vehicle off of their lot. Each day adds another day of storage fees.

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How much time does a company have to pick up equipment after they are granted a relief from stay?

Repossession actions are governed by state statues.

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Can a repossession agent charge a two-day storage fee if they repossess your vehicle at night and you pick it up the next day?


How do you bring toad to the exit in nsmb Wii?

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Can you buy a new car from a dealer like Honda in one state and pick it up in another state from a dealer of the same car company?

Yes, it is possible to buy a car from a dealer in one state and pick it up in another state from a dealer of the same car company. Although this transaction might be unusual, it is possible. Shipping charges might apply depending on the situation.

Can your motorcycle be repossessed if it has a lock and chain on it?

Certainly. This happens quite often. Repossession agents have the means to pick the motorcycle up and place it safely on a flatbed.

Can you buy a gun in California if you are not a resident?

It's legal to purchase a gun out of state, but the gun is supposed to be shipped to a dealer in your state, and you have to go to THAT dealer to pick it up.

What can you do if the dealer repoed your car and had it back on the lot for sale when you came to pay in full and pick it up?

1st option??READ your contract. What does it say about repos? IF that doesnt make sense to you, contact a local attorney.

You bought a new car 7 days ago can you bring it back?

Ah, buyer's remorse.... A tough area. Many states have laws against this called "cooling off periods". Check your contract and other paperwork. In some cases, dealerships who value your business will let you trade or even back out of the deal altogether, but penalties and fees may surface. The best advice is to pick up the phone and ask your dealer what your options are.

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