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I am infering that you have three cars and all three are used for business purposes. You are not required to claim any of them, but, if you are so entitled, I can't imagine of a circumstance why you would not want the deduction.

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โˆ™ 2006-03-27 16:58:40
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Q: Do you have to claim all three cars for business on your taxes?
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Can I claim donations of cars to charity on my CT state income taxes?

No. The tax deduction will be on your federal income taxes instead.

What kind of tax deductions are related to cars?

There are a 5 main areas for tax deductions relating to cars according to experts. The 5 areas are general business use, depreciation of a vehicle, miles driven for business,sales taxes on vehicles sold before January 2010 and leasing a business vehicle.

Are there any programs that offer tax deductions when you donate junk cars?

Yes, one of the most popular is 1800 Charity Cars. You can only claim on your taxes the actual price of the car and you must also itemize your tax return.

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