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Do you have to disassemble the entire engine shroud and air intake to get to the alternator of a 1998 GMC Sonoma?


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2015-07-15 21:45:23
2015-07-15 21:45:23

Only if it is in the way. Usually the induction tube has to be removed- this is a no-brainer. You can work around the shroud.

Assuming this Sonoma has the 2.2 L engine.

If your Sonoma has the 4.3 engine, the alternator is in the clear.

I had to remove the air induction tube, and lower plenum, as well as the upper half of the engine fan shroud. Removing the battery helps a lot if you have big arms. Be sure to follow directions to keep from faulting out your control chip.


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You have to disassemble the entire engine, remove the piston and check the rubber ring around that piston.

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All timing gears. You have to disassemble the entire front of the truck and engine to access.

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Just paid ~500 for labor + ~460 for new alternator... when i started my RRover(bigBody not sport) was making this mid-pitched woo sound(that followed the revving of the engine)...they said it was the alternator "bearing"...but the entire alternator needed my truck, but she's high maintenance...LOL

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We cannot show pictures, however replacing the alternator on most models and years of Taurus is very easy. It is at top right of engine and even the belt tensioner is easy to access. If you are careful and don't totally remove the belt from the lower pulleys, the entire replacement of alternator can easily be done in less than an hour.

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Mitsubishi is very common to use 17mm mostly whole car is assembled using 10mm 12mm 14mm 17mm 19mm with these you can nearly disassemble the entire engine.

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