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Try not to overdo the favors you do for them. It is hard to say, "no" to a friend, but that is the only way to not to leave yourself being taken advantage of.


ABSOLUTELY NOT!!!Peer pressure can be very strong, but please be your own person and make wise choices in life based on what you want and not what someone else wants you to do. We all want to be accepted, but it is definitely ok to be different, being different really makes the world so interesting. Giving in to peer pressure is like being someone's puppet on a string. Develop confidence in yourself, be brave and resist peer pressure especially to do things like smoke, take drugs, drink use alcohol if you are underage or commit a crime. See the book Young People Ask on

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What do you do if your ex still likes you but you are friends?

you tell him/her that you are just friends. Or tell him/her that you only want to be friends

How can you tell friends from enemies?

Friends are there to support you.Friends tell you the truth. Friends know your weakness and strength.

Will anyone listen to my music on youtube and tell me if it is any good?

No but tell your friends because they will tell their friends

How do you tell a girl you like her in grade 6?

* write her a note * tell her in person * have one of her friends tell her * have one of your friends tell her

What if Im scared to tell my crush that I love him but Im afraid that he is going to tell all of his friends?

If you trust him and your friends enough, you can either ask your friends to tell him that you love himand not to tell anyone, or you can tell him yourself and also tell him not to tell anyone.

How do you tell a friend you cant be friends anymore?

you tell him "We cant be friends anymore because...."

Should you tell your friends that you have a crush on someone?

If you trust that your friends will not tell anybody, then go for it!

You like this girl but do not know how to tell her?

just tell her.the worst thing she could do is say no.ORyou could have some of your friends tell her friends that you like her. its bound to get to her.NO!! Dont get your friends to tell her or her friends!! They will think that you werent manly enough to ask the girl yourself. She doesnt want a guy to be embaressed to tell her that he likes her!! And if your friends tell her friends, then her friends might tell a bunch of other people and there would be rumors around the school. I dont think either of them would want that to happen!!!

How do you tell your friends your dating a bad guy?

if they are real friends just tell them and they should believe you.

What do you tell your friends if you are a lesbian?

Depending on what sort of friends you have, just tell them and if they are good friends they will accept it and continue being your friends. It may take a long time for them to get use to it. Maybe just tell a reliable friend first who doesn't know and see how that goes. Then if that goes well, tell your other friends.

What ideas moved from russia to other countries?

By communicating with others. If you tell your friends, your friends will tell there friends and that's it gets around the world.

How do you tell your crush you like him when his friends HATE you?

I would say that you tell him when his friends are not around.They'll never know.

How can i get people to watch my videos on YouTube?

Tell your friends to tell their friends. Advertise on a blog, or a forum on a website.

What does show me your friends and ill tell you who you are means?

by the way your friends act and their personality's they can tell that you are probably like them.

What do you do if your friends are whispering about another of your friends?

tell your other freind but tell her/him not to tell the other freind you told them. by doing this it will help you stay out of the drama

What do you say to the guy you like?

if you like them tell them! and if you don't tell them they are losers and need to find some one else! I think you shouldn't tell them because if its a guy they'll tell there friends who tell their friends who tell their friends well they just cant really keep secrets. (Sometimes)

What do you do if you like your friends cousin?

Well you should tell your friends cousin or tell you friend 2 tell his or her cousin because i went throught this 2 but it was my friends sister and it worked out pretty well.

How do you tell a girl friends?


How do you tell a boy you like him when his friends HATE you?

Talk to him. Tell him you like him. It shouldn't matter what his friends think of you. And if it does matter to him what his friends think, you don't want to be with him anyhow.

How can you tell if a boy wants to be best friends or friends?

Most boys don't want to be "just friends." But in that case, if you like him give him signs or just tell him.

Who said tell me who your friends are and I'll tell you who you are?

Its an Assyrian proverb!

How can you tell if you have friends?

if they tell you the truth and like you and treat you good!

How do you tell your friends that you got your period?

I'd tell them that I had my "monthlies"

Why does it mean when a guy tells you not to tell anyone what we talk about in our conversations and vice versa then you find out he was telling his friends because they tease you?

It means he's using you for a good story to tell his friends. Now, yes, he might like the conversations you two have but if he's going to tell his friends then u can tell your friends.

How do you tell a primary school girl you like her when she is with her friends?

just ask her this "can i talk to you for a sec" if she says yes tell her and let her talk to her friends but if she says no then just grow some balls and tell her you know after you tell her shes gonna go back to her friends and tell them anyway #hopeithelps