Peer Pressure

Do you have to do what your friends tell you to do?

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2017-03-03 17:06:30

Try not to overdo the favors you do for them. It is hard to say,

"no" to a friend, but that is the only way to not to leave yourself

being taken advantage of.


ABSOLUTELY NOT!!!Peer pressure can be very strong, but please be

your own person and make wise choices in life based on what you

want and not what someone else wants you to do. We all want to be

accepted, but it is definitely ok to be different, being different

really makes the world so interesting. Giving in to peer pressure

is like being someone's puppet on a string. Develop confidence in

yourself, be brave and resist peer pressure especially to do things

like smoke, take drugs, drink use alcohol if you are underage or

commit a crime. See the book Young People Ask on

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