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Obviously, each state is different in rules and some don't even have an income tax, but generally: Like the Federal, there is an amount of earnings, under which, you would not have to pay anything. That amount is probably both different and calculated different that for the Feds.

If they have a tax you must/should file for it, every year - (certainly none have an every other year or whenever you feel like it tax or such).

Some reasons: The statute of limitations on assessment is generally fairly short...that is the time period the State has to look and say you didn't pay enough and ask for more...HOWEVER the time it has --starts-- with the filing of the return. Don't file and you are forever liable!

Many States (and even the Feds) have benefits that come to you by filing a return, even - or especially - if your income is below where you have to pay a tax. (For example, in NJ has a property tax rebate as part of it's return, other States have credits like the Federal earned income credit, and more).

If your earnings were as an employee, or you had any amounts withheld (like the state may do on unemployment payments, etc.), then the only way to get credit and get those $ back is to file a return and claim them.

All studies have shown and it's always been amazing, how many people think they are getting away with something by not filing a return, when had they done so they actually had hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars coming back to them!

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Q: Do you have to file state taxes every year?
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Do you have to file state taxes if you make under 7500.00 a year?

It depends on the state.

How many years do you have to file your income taxes if you are getting a refund?

It doesn't matter if you receive an income tax refund or not. The fact is is you worked and had federal and state taxes taken out you would need to file your taxes every year. However, much depends on your filing status (single, married, etc) and how much you made that year on whether you would file. To be on the safe side if you had federal and state taken out of your checks you should file.

Can I file my taxes online and still get help if I need it?

You can file your taxes online at and get free tax help via chat and forums if you need it. This is how I file my taxes every year and I have never had a problem.

When do you have to pay your state taxes every year?

It's added on to National Taxes.

How many years do you have to file taxes?

For every year that you met the MUST FILE A TAX RETURN requirements.

Do you have to file your state Alabama taxes each year?

They should be filed every year and if you miss, there is no time limit on how long it is due .so you don't want to miss

Does a limited liability partnership have to file with the IRS each year?

Yes, as with all businesses you need to file and pay your taxes every year to avoid penalties.

How many used e-file to file federal taxes last year?

I e-file EVERY year it is the best and fastest way plus ITS FREE!

How many years in a row can you e-file your taxes?

You can and should electronically file your taxes every year. The IRS prefers that you file the return electronically as it greatly reduces errors, expenses, etc.

Do corp have to file tax every year? March 15 if a calander year reporter.They obviously file and pay lots of taxes through the year.

Can you still file for unemployment if you did not file your taxes this year?

yes. Unemployment Insurance is filed with your state, when you become unemployed. Taxes are filed based on calendar years.

Can you file your taxes in a different state?

Federal income tax is the same no matter which state you live in or work in. If you worked in PA, you will have to file a state tax return for PA if they have state income taxes. If you live in one state and work in another you may have to file in both states. As a resident on one and a non-resident in the other. If you move in the middle of a calendar year you may have to file in both as a part year resident.

Do you have to file unemployment taxes this year?

If you got unemployment in 2012 you do have to file taxes if you didn't have the taxes taken out of the unemployment you received.

How do you file state and federal taxes if you did not file last year?

ummm you file them that's how. now if you are talkin filling for the year that you didnt file then yea you can file them but it will cost you. That happen to me for my state so i told H & R block forget that... i let them keep that money. lol

Do i have to file taxes every year if you make over 25000?

Yes. You can't skip years and then file altogether. Each year has to accounted for and filed separately.

How many people file taxes each year?

Around 130 Million people file taxes each year Thanks

Do you have to file state taxes every year in Va?

You have to file every year that your income meets the minimum mandatory filing requirements in Virginia. You can find those requirements here: But you also should file if you had any tax withheld from your wages or from your other payments. If you don't file, you will forfeit any refund you had coming. If you wanted to know whether you can combine two different years and file them together, the answer is no. You must file for every year separately.

Benefits of Filing Taxes Online?

Many people will try to file their own taxes each year using software that they have purchased. Unfortunately, many of these individuals may not realize that they can actually file their taxes online for free. In most cases, websites that offer this feature will not charge you to file your federal income taxes. If you are trying to file your state information, you may have to pay an additional fee. People who use these websites may find that they are easy to navigate and use, making the entire process extremely simple for them when they do this each and every year.

When is the last day to file your taxes?

April 15 is the last day to file your taxes each year.

What is the difference between state and federal taxes?

Citizens of the US who have paid taxes over the course of the last year and are of the required age are required to file both state and federal returns. The taxes are separate and are used for different purposes, thus they must be filed separately.

Can you still get a federal tax refund if you didn't pay state tax the year prior?

You can file a federal tax return and get a refund regardless of the status of your state taxes. If you owe overdue taxes to the state and they have gotten around to it, the state can intercept your federal refund. So, your refund might go to paying your overdue state taxes instead of being sent to you. But unless you file a federal tax return, no refund will be generated and your state taxes will not be paid.

Can w2 forms be given to current employees and not former employees?

No... you have to get them to every employee who worked for you during the year. Otherwise how would they file their taxes.

If you own a business that did not conduct business during a tax year do you need to file taxes with state and IRS?


Do you have to file Alabama state tax and will you get in trouble if you file once and don't file again?

You have to file every year if Alabama has a state income tax and you made the required amount of money or had state income tax taken out of your pay.

How do you file your taxes if you lived in a rental property for the year but your roommate paid the rent?

Rent has nothing to do with how you file your income taxes, nor does who pays rent. If you are single you will file your taxes as single.