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That depends on how expensive the promise ring is and personal feelings behind it i personally never got back a promise ring i gave Personally I never could understand this Promise Ring thing. Either you love each other and want to get engaged or you don't. Once someone gives you a gift then it's theres! Hopefully, if it was a ring handed down through the family the girl would be kind enough to give it back, but other than that, it's hers!

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If you purchased a engagement or promise ring for your at the time girlfriend when you broke up are you entitled to get it back?

No you are not entitled to the ring back. You gave it to her as a gift.

If you and your boyfriend break up do you give back the necklaces he gave you?

No way!

How does Gawain break his promise to the lord of the castle?

He promised to give the lord everything he received, but Gawain did not give him the sash that the lord's wife gave to him.

Can you give a flu virus back to the person who gave it to you?

it depends

What to do if i can't pay back a person loan my sister gave me?

Talk with your sister.

If a guy you were dating and living with buys you gifts and when you move out can he keep everything he gave you?

no. the guy cannot keep what he gives you, when he gave you the gifts he gave them to you, he has no right what so ever to take them back. If he gave you gifts, they are yours, but if he gave you an engagement ring, and YOU break off the engagement, the ring goes back to him, as it is a token of a future contract.

What is to gave ones word?

It's like making a promise .

What did gave their word mean?

To "give your word" means to promise.

What does the expression a lick and a promise mean?

lick and a promise: a hasty and cursory performance in doing something: I didn't have time to clean thoroughly, so I gave the room a lick and a promise.

Should I wear the promise ring my boyfriend gave me to school?

yes. The point of the ring is to show that you are not interested in other guys. If you are not ready for such a commitment, give the ring back to him.

You gave her a promise ring and she broke it off with you doesn't want to try at all to work it out and won't give the ring back what should you do?

you could get a lawyer to make her give the ring back. but since you gave her the ring in the first place, i would just chalk it up as one of those 'failed love' relationships and move on. perhaps think about it a bit harder before you give another girl a promise ring.

Who the person who gave us freedom to ride the bus and sit in the back of the bus?

Rosa Parks

How do you break out of jail in red dragon island on poptropica?

You use the amulet that Annie and jack gave you and it transports you back to the tree house

Can you have what you gave up for Lent on St. Patrick's Day?

Only if your local bishop has granted a special dispensation to the people of his diocese. This applies to fasting and abstaining. It is up to you to decide if you can in good conscience break your promise.

Who gave katniss cookies and promise to fed her sister?

Peeta's father, the baker.

Why do the children need to go to the stone table?

They are gone to stop Aslan but he doesn't break his promise and goes to the stone table and die. But afterwards as Lucy and Susan were hiding behind the trees, Lucy gave Aslan the special medicine that the Santa Clause gave her. And saves Aslan's life.

Your mum gave your dog away because you were moving house and now were not now so can you get your dog back?

It depends, who did you give your dog to? Go find the person you gave your dog to then ask for your dog back. Simple as that. :|

You gave a family member money to bank while you started dividing a farm property now this person is telling us what he is not going to do regarding the money what can you do to get your money back?

talk to him and ask for the money back be as nice as you can and then maybe that person might give you the money back that you gave him !!!!! GAVE is the keyword here. If you had a verbal agreement with him, then you will need an attorney in order to try and solve the problem. Never trust anyone with your MONEY!

What is one advantage and one disadvantage of a money lender?

to me the disadvantages is that the person you gave money to may not pay back

What does the promise that a stallion gives a mare you gave that girl mean?

He only had sex with here

Who said the promise that a stallion gives a mare you gave a girl in the Crucible?

John Proctor

What was the outcome of the Muhich pact?

The Munich Pact gave Hitler the Sudetenland, part of Czechoslovakia. It also made him promise not to take anymore land in Europe. That was promise he broke.

Should you be worried if your boyfriend gave you a promise ring and said it meant nothing?

i think so, if he thinks that its just a thoughtless present he clearly didn't think about the impact a promise ring would have, unless, its you you assumed it was a promise ring, did he just give it as a presant or call it a promise ring.

How do you you break out of jail on poptropica?

We'll you remember to what jack and annie gave you the go back to the tree house thing? go to the backpack then go to the go back to the tree house thing and then you'll get back to the tree house. i hope you ment that

What kind of ring do you give your boyfriend since he gave you a promise ring?

An engagement ring! <3

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