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The best thing to do is give them your keys otherwise they will just get a tow truck and remove the car. I just had my car repoed and I gave them the keys to it and they let me take all my things out of the car and even helped me bring it up my door. Not all repo companies are like that. So hand the keys over, its alot easier.

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What do you do when repo man is here?

You give the repo man the keys to the vehicle and let him take the vehicle.

What is special about the Repo Truck company?

There is no company with the name "Repo Truck", but "repossession" of a vehicle simply means the financial lending company "takes back" the vehicle, because monthly payments on the vehicle have ceased.

What happens when they repo your car and they shouldn't have?

If the bank made a mistake they will return the vehicle to you, the repo company is under a hold harmless and work the accounts the banks give them.

If car gets repossessed do you have to give back the keys?

Grow up. Yes, give them the keys back. If they need them they will ask.....just make sure you get ALL of your personal possesions back before you give them the keys. Well, no. You don't have to give them back. If you choose not to, be prepared to have to pay up to $250.00 for the bank to have a new one made. Cheaper to give them back. Most repo companies won't give personals back until they have the keys. A repo "company" cannot hold your personal property hostage.

Does the finance company have to give you written notice before they repo a vehicle in CA?

NO. the repo rate would go to the bottom if they told you. BTW, they already did in the CONTRACT. Look at the DEFAULT clause.

How is a car repossesed without keys to it?

I'm a repo man, so, I'll tell you what I know. The dealer keeps a spare set of keys, that pair of keys they send people in the mail after they're done paying for the car is the 'repo set'. That is not always the case, there are actually several ways to repo a car, they can pop the linkage on the vehicle without keys and this basically puts the car in neutral or they can use tire dollies if the vehicle is all wheel drive or left in 4 wheel drive. If the repo agent wants the vehicle they will get the vehicle regardless... best just not to tote the note because they will find the car, believe me my husband has been in the industry for years. Also most reposession companies will cut their own keys with a code from the finance company, only mom and pop dealerships usually keep a spare set.

Can a repo agent be charged with grand larceny?

Only if they do not have the correct paperwork from the finance company whom has the right to repo the vehicle.

Can a repo man enter a vehicle before verifying the vin?

No. because not verifying the vin could lead to a misrepo of another vehicle for which the repo company would be sued.

Can a repo company take your car from behind a locked gate in California?

No one has the right to enter your property to repo a vehicle. I your vehicle is out in the street, then its fair game. If you see the repo man coming but has not hooked up to your vehicle, you legally still have possession of the vehicle. Once the vehicle has made contact with the truck the vehicle belongs to him.

What are the North Carolina vehicle repossession laws?

When a debtor is behind on payments, NC law allows the lender to take possession of, or "repossess" the vehicle. A repo company on behalf of the lender can take the vehicle at anytime, anywhere that the vehicle is found and accessible. If the vehicle is in a locked fence or garage then the repo company cannot force entry to get to the vehicle.

If your company is going out of business what is procedure for repo a vehicle?

It will depend what country you live in, most countries the lease/hp company are the legal owners of the vehicle until it's paid for so they can contact the vehicle makers/seller and order a set of keys and if required take the vehicle back. To be honest you are much better to arrange a time and place to return it to them

Can the repo company make keys to your truck when they already have the keys?

You kiddin me... they will make several keys if they feel like (they being me) I repo cars all the time.. i will make several sets if the account is a pain in the butt. I will give them to neighbors even! ya.. neighbors! i have paid, friends, family and neighbors, to name a few to take peoples car.. $$$$$$ money talks. Ya, most will take them with a hold harmless affadavit i give them. Depends on your neighborhood wether they are all that willing to help. When it comes to repo "by any means necessary"

Can a finance company check references for a repo car?

Any information you give the lender or the lender obtains in the attempts to recover the vehicle by repossession is legal to use for that purpose.

Your vehicle was repossessed and the finance company charged you ''storage'' fee on the invoice to get your vehicle back can the repo agent still charge for storage?

no because the storage fee that the finance company charged you was what the repo company charged on the invoice. the finance company had no other reason to charge storage fee's they did not store it

What do you do with a vehicle when a finance company has refused to repo it?

state of Michigan automobile the has abandon for two yrs

Can the repo company remove the vehicle from the state in Illinois?

YES, they can remove it to any state of their choice

Do repo people have to ID who they are when they come on private property?

Repo people are the scum of the earth. They are nothing more than prostitutes for finance companies. Yes, the can follow you as long as they do NOT try to physically remove you from your vehicle. That would be an assault. If they enter your private property, you can tell them to leave, if they don't, that is criminal tresspassing. Anytime you park your vehicle, either have it parked in a closed garage or have it blocked by other vehicles. Repo folks cannot enter a closed garage (at your house) or remove any vehicles blocking your vehicle. Repo folks can have keys cut to your vehicle WITHOUT your permission. Repo folks can tell you by law, you must give up your vehicle to them...THAT IS A LIE I am in the towing business and they cause so much trouble for towing companies. If you get out of your unattended vehicle for just an instance, consider your vehicle GONE ........

Can a repo company take possession of vehicle from a place of business like an auto repair shop?


Can reposession company file a claim with your car insurance company to fix preexisting damage?

If your lien holder repo's your vehicle, they can file a claim against your insurance for damage to the vehicle. The repo company itself would have no claim, because it's not their vehicle.

How to get personal property out of a repossessed vehicle?

Either remove it before the repo man takes the car or go to the repo company and ask if they set it aside. Some repo companies put all the belongings in a bag and set it aside for the owner. can a repo company charge me for retrieving my personal property and property that belongs to someone else?

When in chapter 13 and the pay off money is at the court trustees office to pay off loan can they still repo the car?

If you are currently in Chapter 13 and you HAVE NOT signed a relief of stay, they cannot repo vehicle. If you signed a relief of stay for that vehicle loan, then get your stuff out and leave the keys in the ashtray.

Can a repo company repo a car without giving wrighten notice of the repo?

Laws vary by state, but, generally, yes. They'll notify the law enforcement agency with jurisdiction in the area where they're repossessing the vehicle from, and the law enforcement agency will typically give notification of the repossession if the vehicle is reported stolen. However, most people with vehicles up for repossession are aware of it, and can put two and two together.

If your vehicle was damaged during repossesion is the repo company liable?

Yes. If someone damages your property, they're liable.

Can a repo company track your vehicle if it has a factory GPS navigation system?

yes, how do you think they find you and take your car

You can't pay for the car but the company won't come get it?

The bank that you have the loan with hires repo men to repossess the vehicle