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Do you have to go to church to worship God or can you worship Him in your own way?


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I believe that you do not need to go to a church to have a relationship with God. Although, some religions will tell you that if you don't go to church you are doomed to go to hell. Which personally I think is false. We are all different and I think that people should be able to share a relationship with God in their own way.

God can be worshiped anywhere at anytime. Church offers a way of doing so with like-minded people, but it shouldn't be the only way and neither should it be coercive in any way.

When you say "in your own way", that way is usually associated with one's own whims and fancies. Hence it is difficult to pave a way to God through them. But you can do it if you are adventurous. God can be worshipped in church as well any place of worship where you feel comfortable and at peace and harmony with yourself.