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Yes you do. Go to Google and do a search for the DMV handbook and it will tell you the different kinds you can get. Class M is required for all motorcycles over a 125cc


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A CDL doesn't allow you to operate a motorcycle. You must get the motorcycle endorsement added to your licence.

Yes. It is the primary requirement to have a motorcycle license.

Yes, anything over 50cc you need a motorcycle endorsement or license to operate a motorcycle in the state. Anything under 50cc you have to have a valid drivers license or motorcycle license to operate in the state.

yes. it is possible to buy a motorcycle without a license but you have to get your license before you operate it

do i need a motorcycle license for a trike in pa

class c and motorcycle endorsement.

Under 150cc is a Scooter and you need an "L" class license in IL Over 150cc is considered a motorcycle and you need a "M" class license in IL "Do you need a motorcycle license to operate a motorcycle if it is under 150cc in illinois?"

If you have a drivers license, it must have a endorsement to operate a motorcycle.

Yes You are required to have a class 6 license to operate a motorcycle in Alberta.

Please check the requirements in the motorcycle manual (related link).

Yes. If you possess a drivers licence, you'll have to get a motorcycle endorsement added to it in order to be able to operate a motorcycle.

For a Motorcycle License Class M you must be 16. You can get a Class M-Limited Motor Driven Cycle License at the age of 14 with certain restrictions. You can only operate it between the hours of 4-8 P.M. and only within 7 miles of your home. It can be no larger than 125cc. The question was Motorcycle License, not Motor Driven Cycle license.

If you operate any two wheel motorcycle with an engine size greater than 50 cc, a motorcycle endorsement on your driver license or a motorcycle-only license is required.

A motorcycle license is required to ride and operate a trike in New Hampshire. You must first possess a valid drivers license to take the motorcycle license test.

yO! yeah u do need a motorcycle license . go to tha rta ! ;] Smilee.x3

To my knowledge, they're one in the same. The distinction is that on your driver's license it will state you are certified to operate a motorcycle as well as a car.

Yes, absolutely. Please refer to the motorcycle manual (see the related link).

If your Massachusetts license allows you to operate a motorcycle, you should not need to get a Colorado license because you are only a temporary resident.

Yes you can, you need a provisional license inorder to but you can operate a motorcycle in new jersey

of course..every state requires aCLass M license to operate a two wheeled vehicle

You have to have a valid driver's license in order to operate a moped on public roadways in Tennessee. If you have a valid Tennessee driver's license, you will not need to take a test to get an endorsement on your license if you are operating a scooter or moped that has a top speed of less than 30mph and an engine size of 50cc or smaller. If the engine size is larger than 50cc, you will have to take the necessary steps to acquire a motorcycle endorsement on your license.

You do need a valid driver's license to operate a Honda Metropolitan motor scooter in Kansas. You do not need a motorcycle license.

No, you do not need a motorcycle endorsement to operate a 50cc and under moped or scooter in Oregon. You do, however need either a regular driver's license, or a moped-restricted Class-C license.

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