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uhhh.. yeh buddy

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Q: Do you have to have a saltwater filter for a saltwater fish tank?
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Do guppy fish have to have a filter in their tank?

do guppy fish have to have a filter in the tank

How much freshwater can a saltwater fish take?

A saltwater fish tank can be half freshwater and all of the saltwater fish will live but not for very long.

What eats filter feeders?

Saltwater Fish

Do you have to have a filter with fish with puffy eyes?

Filter a fish? Do you mean filtering a fish's tank? Well you have to filter any fish's tank.

What saltwater fish can you put in a freshwater tank?

None, they need saltwater in order to survive.

Can you put fresh water fish in a salt water tank?

Not for very long. They will die as they don't have the mechanism to filter salt out of the water (fish drink through their skin) that saltwater fish do.

How many fish in a 30 gallon tank saltwater?

all of them.

Can you change a saltwater tank into a freshwater tank?

You can do as you please with your marine tank. Simply clean it and the filter out and then use new decore/gravel/plants etc. Fill with fresh water and when the filter is fully cycled add some fresh water fish.

What is a filter carbon for a fish tank?

A filter carbon for a fish tank is to help the fish breath and it clean left over from the fish. Hope it helps

Can you put a betta fish in a tank with a seahorse?

No. Bettas are freshwater fish. Seahorses are saltwater.

Is there such thing as a saltwater filter for fish?

Yes, you can find them where they sell salt water fish.

How big of a tank do clown fish need?

A clown fish needs at least a 10 gallon tank. In addition, a clown fish is a saltwater fish and needs anemone in the tank as well.

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