Do you have to have an account to have an iPad?


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No, you can own an iPad without an Apple account. You will not be able to purchase apps from the Apple app store without an account. Most people charge the purchase of apps to a credit card, but you can use iTunes gift cards to purchase apps if you do not have a credit card.

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You don't. The account unt is only for use with your iPad.

Go to Settings in the Ipad and in Mail, Contacts, Calenders, select your account and then click delete account.

Use the iPad browser, Safari, to go to the Barnes and Noble website to register an account. An account cannot be created from the Nook App.

Go to 'Settings'Then 'Mail, Contact Calendar's'And then Select 'Gmail'And Last of all log in to your Account to link your iPad with Gmail

use the google sync on galaxy to sync contact on gmail and then on iPad use exchange account using gmail as ur account to sync contacts on ur iPad.

No you cannot. The iPad must be linked to only one iTunes Account!

They must have The Find My iPad app installed and activated, and the iPad must be powered on. You can then use another iOS device on the same account to find it, or log onto Apples iCloud website with the iPads account info to locate it.

Yes, if you want to use a 3G plan with the iPad, you must pay monthly for the account.

Depending on where you bought it, The iPad does not require an monthly account. If you want one, i suggest you either purchase one thorugh a service provider such as AT&T or Verizon.

The songs on your iPad and iPod should all be on your iTunes account; therefore all you need to do is just transfer the songs that were on your iPad onto your iPod.

No but it is highly recommended

Your account is set up when you log in with your Apple ID and password.

The iPad 3G requires an account with either Orange, Vadafone or O2 in the UK. (See links below)

Yes. That is where the 3G account and provider information is stored. Micro sim is for ipad or mobile?

You cannot do it directly on the iPad. You may be able to do it on the webmail access to the email account through your service provider.

The iPad 3G is a model of iPad with both a WiFi and 3G radio. You can connect to the net wirelessly from anywhere with a 3G account from your local wireless provider and a micro-SIM card.

Yes, you can. You will need to go to Youtube.com in Safari, choose Sign In, and then Create and Account.

Open "Settings"Click on "Cellurar Account"Click on "View AccountYou should now have Instructions on how to set up your iPad on 3G with your Carrier!

Yes, you can have multiple IOS devices on the same account. The limit is 5 devices.

Turn your iPad to the portrait mode to see the account button. Tap the ACCOUNT button to get your logout option. Or Tap the Facebook icon at the top of the screen and a menu will pop up with the option to log out.

The reason you cannot sign into your icloud account is simple. You free time is over for this account.

Download the app for Gmail in the App Store

Go to the main display of the ipad, click on the settings of the iPad and to the left hand side you will see most of your aps downloaded, click on twitter, and highlight your username, then click delete account

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