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No, you can own an iPad without an Apple account. You will not be able to purchase apps from the Apple app store without an account. Most people charge the purchase of apps to a credit card, but you can use iTunes gift cards to purchase apps if you do not have a credit card.

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Q: Do you have to have an account to have an iPad?
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How do you download hotspot shield iPad account to my kindle fie?

You don't. The account unt is only for use with your iPad.

How do you sign out Gmail in iPad?

Go to Settings in the Ipad and in Mail, Contacts, Calenders, select your account and then click delete account.

How do you create a Barnes and nobles account for iPad?

Use the iPad browser, Safari, to go to the Barnes and Noble website to register an account. An account cannot be created from the Nook App.

Is there a way to send pictures from a Samsung reclaim phone to an iPad?

Email it to the iPad's email account.

How do you make a youtube account on an iPad?

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How do you add your Gmail account to your iPad 2?

Go to 'Settings'Then 'Mail, Contact Calendar's'And then Select 'Gmail'And Last of all log in to your Account to link your iPad with Gmail

How do you pair iPad and Samsung Galaxy s to share contacts?

use the google sync on galaxy to sync contact on gmail and then on iPad use exchange account using gmail as ur account to sync contacts on ur iPad.

Can you have 2 iTunes accounts on 1 iPad?

No you cannot. The iPad must be linked to only one iTunes Account!

How do you log on to your YouTube account on your iPad 2?

through safarii

Do you have to pay monthly for iPad with cellular?

Yes, if you want to use a 3G plan with the iPad, you must pay monthly for the account.

How do you upload a file 2 iPad?

Email it to the iPad's email account. Note that not all files can be opened by the iPad. Executable programs, compressed files cannot be opened.

How do you find someones iPad?

They must have The Find My iPad app installed and activated, and the iPad must be powered on. You can then use another iOS device on the same account to find it, or log onto Apples iCloud website with the iPads account info to locate it.

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