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no i hav the phone and i dont use it

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you can get it at a t-mobil store

The gravity 3 and the gravity t are both good phones but you should choose the gravity t.

The Samsung gravity t is a very high tech phone however is not considered a smart phone because it does not support apps.

No the Samsung Gravity DOES NOT NEED INTERNET for you to get it hooked up or buy it from T-Mobile so there actually trying to get you to pay for something you dont need. I have 2 Samsung Gravity's and we are T-Mobile customers we have been for like 2 years now the only phones that need to have internet are the newer touch phones and android phones etc. Hope this helped you.

Compared to other Samsung cell phones, the Samsung Gravity Smart phone is the first with an Android-powered handset. Comparisons can be found in the T-mobile website.

Currently the Samsung Gravity Smart phone can only be used with T-Mobile service. The Gravity works on the GSM network. Verizon operates on the CDMA network.

The Samsung gravity was my first phone. It costed $100. Since other members of my family had t-mobile, I got a rebaite on it. The total cost was $50. If you already have a contract, and it isn't up yet, then it costs $150. Yea.... if you get a rebate, then you get to save some cash.. $$$$$$$$ wait....... the samsung gravity is a Verizon phone not t-mobile.

you can buy the samsung gravity 2 from any retail store like tmobile sprint verison and at&t. but the phone company has to make that phone. Hoped that helped!!!! :)

According to Samsung's US website, T - Mobile carries the Samsung Gravity 3. There are no other listed carriers for this phone other than T - Mobile.

Being that the Samsung Gravity T is a T-Mobile device you would not be able to use it on nTelos' service due to the phone is a GSM based device and nTelos uses CDMA towers.

Yes, you will be glad to find that AT&T does support the Samsung Rugby II on their plans. There are several advertisements concerning this phone with AT&T when I searched this out on the internet. As you previously stated the Samsung Rugby II is an older phone, but it is still being used by the AT&T Service.

The original Gravity that is (blue and white or there is one that is black and green) that does not have a touch screen the Gravity 2 doesn't either neither does the gravity 3 the only one that is a touch is the Gravity T all of these phones you have to have T-Mobile to operate them but they are all good phones but i would recommend the Gravity T plus if you want internet on them it will cost $30 a month (except the Gravity T) the Gravity T will cost $10 dollars a month thanks for reading.

Through AT&T, the cost of a data plan for a phone like the Eternity is $15.

It does, the earphones plug into the same slot that the charger plugs in to. You'll have to buy these at T-Mobile as the phone does not come with them.

No, it is a Verizon phone.

Yes you can flash a Samsung Galaxy S4cricket phone T mobile on

no it is only a at&t phone only; if you want this phone get a at&t phone plan

A T-mobile phone that is supposed to be better than a gravity phone.

There are lots of them, it depends on what phone provider you have:Samsung Gravity 2 (t mobile)EnV3 (Verizon)Lg Neon (at&t)Those r the ones I've looked at so far.

i have this phone and tired and tried to find to get one on the gravity t Mobile phone but it will not allow you to have one.

No, its not exactly a smartphone, its more of a feature phone. Its very high tech and advanced but nowhere near the iphone or my touch.

How do I accesse my E mail on Samsung Gravity G smart phone? Tell me what too do too set upE mail on my Samsung Gravity T smart Android?

It actually depends on the carrier. If you want an Android phone, then it's different. Here's a list I made of just the cheapest phones from a few carriers. Verizon- KIN™ ONEm, Pantech Jest™ (they're pretty small), or the LG Cosmos™ AT&T- Samsung Strive or the Samsung Flight™ II T-Mobile- Samsung Gravity T, Samsung t249, Samsung :) t359, Samsung t239, or the Samsung Gravity 3 Sprint- Samsung Reclaim™, LG Remarq™, or the Samsung Rant™ Boost Mobile- Sanyo Juno, Sanyo Incognito, Sanyo Innuendo, Motorola Theory, Motorola Rambler, Motorola i475, Motorola Clutch, or the Samsung Seek

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