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Do you have to live in the same city or county to have joint custody of the children?


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Check with the County who has juristiction, but I did it.... It might depend on the ability to transfer the child/children to and from each of their homes.. I divorced in the Las Vegas, Nevada in 2001. Since I got divorced in Clark County, NV, and we lived there for 6 weeks prior to divorce, Clark County, NV had juristiction. I decided to move back to my home state of Utah. He stayed in Las Vegas. We agreed to share custody of our daughter in two week blocks until she reached school age, then I would gain primary physical custody and juristiction would be moved to she County where the child lived. In the papers, I had to have permission to take my daughter out of state. We agreed to meet in the middle at a certain time and at our own costs. This ment driving 250 miles there and 250 back in the same day for each of us and each had to pay for their own gasoline. !!! Good Luck


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can a prent who shares joint custody move to a different city but is staying within the same state?

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It depends on the custody agreement. If you have full custody, you can probably take the child. If you have some sort of joint custody/visitation arrangement, you will need permission from the court or the other parent for the child to move.

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