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Yah only ur baby teeth

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Q: Do you have to lose all your teeth to get braces?
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Do you get braces if your teeth are twisted?

You will have to get braces if your teeth are twisted but you don't have to get them until your 20,30 or 40 years old and your teeth can untwist if you lose all your baby teeth I think.

Do you need to lose all your teeth before getting braces?

yes, you need to have lost all your baby teeth and have your adult teeth in. Because the role of braces is to have straight teeth for life --- which would be your new grown in teeth. you wouldn't want braces on baby teeth that would just eventually come out.. that would be a waste ;)

Do you need to loose all your baby teeth before you get braces?

No, you do not need to lose all of your baby teeth, only the ones that your dentist or orthodontist tells you which ones you have to lose first.

Why do your teeth fell like there lose 3 days after you get braces?

Cause your teeth are getting used to them.

How many teeth do you have to loses to get braces?

You want all of your teeth to have fallen out that way your adult teeth are in and you do not have to worry about losing teeth will you have braces.

Can 8 year old can get braces?

well if you have all of your adult teeth then you can have braces cause my dentist says that if you need braces then you need all of your adult teeth!

When do you get braces?

You get your BRACES when all your teeth fall out at about age 12 to 14.

How old you have to be to get braces on your teeth?

You can be any age as long as you have all your adult teeth, or if your dentist feels it is appropriate to put braces on your teeth.

Why do you get braces if you are going to lose the teeth anyway?

You won't get them unless all of your baby teeth are gone. Most people get them after that because they don't want to wait 80 years until all of their teeth are gone again.

How young can you be to get braces?

I think the youngest age to have braces is around 11/12 as all of your milk teeth have to be out and all of your adult teeth must be fully grown. However, if your teeth are really bad and desperetely need braces then they will remove your milk teeth.

How many teeth do you have to loose before having braces?

It depends on your orthodontist. Mine is going to make me wait until I lose them all.

How long does it take to get braces after all your teeth are pulled?

You can get them on any time after you get teeth pulled, many people get teeth pulled while they already have braces.

Can you get braces after you have had teeth pulled?

In order to receieve braces you need to have lost all of your baby teeth. The answer to your question is yes, I know of a couple people who had to get adult teeth pulled to get braces. So yes.

Who can put braces on your teeth?

An orthodontist can put braces on your teeth

How old must you be to have braces?

You Can Be Any Age And Get Braces As Long As You Have All Adult Teeth.

Is there a reason to put braces on baby teeth?

Braces on baby teeth can be used to make room for incoming teeth if there isn't enough room naturally. Sometimes a kid will not have certain baby teeth or will lose them earlier than normal and the space will close, and braces or extractions may be necessary to make room for the permanent teeth

Does all of your teeth have to be fully grown in to get braces?

Yes, all of your teeth must be fully grown in to get braces. Braces are glued to each individual tooth. Therefore, if one tooth were to fall out while the wearer had braces, the new tooth would be unaffected by the braces.

Why didn't the doctor put brackets on all my teeth?

Maybe you did not need braces on all your teeth.

Will getting braces for gaps make your teeth look weird?

Not at all! Braces help your teeth look a lot better and will remove the gap between your teeth.

What are teeth braces used for?

Teeth Braces or Dental Braces (orthodontic braces/braces) are used to align and straighten teeth. The application is for cosmetic appearance and overall dental health.

Do you have to be 11 to have braces if you've got buck teeth?

My friend has had buck teeth all her life, and has tried everything there is, except braces. Now that she's 11, she is getting braces. So yes, i think you have to be 11 to get braces if you have buck teeth.

Can you pull wisdom teeth with braces on?

No. The braces will hold the teeth in place.

Do children lose their first teeth and grow new teeth?

Yes, when children lose their first/'Milk' teeth they grow new teeth. Sometimes they all grow at once and get crammed up in their Mouth's they'll need braces, eventually - when they've lost around about all of their 'Milk' teeth they'll grow rather large molars at the back.

Do all teeth get braced during braces?

No. If you only have a problem with your top teeth, only your top will get braces. Sometimes the ortodontist doesn't put braces on the back teeth until later. Sometimes, although this doesn't happen much, the braces will only be placed on the front four teeth.

How do you have to be to get braces?

You could be seven or older to get braces because it depends if all of your little teeth fell out.