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No, to my knowledge the BIOS of a computer is not affected by the installation of any Operating System (OS). The BIOS provides some common information to the OS, so the OS does not have to know specific things that may be different from computer to computer, like the type of hard drive for example. The BIOS takes care of how the hard drive is configured so the OS does not need to worry about it.

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Q: Do you have to make a bios backup in order to install an OS like windows xp?
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How do you use windows application?

windows is an operating system. you need to install it in a BIOS

If your bios is not acpi-compliant what should you do before you install windows 2000?

Flash the BIOS with an upgrade.

How do you install xp in newly build computer?

If you have an install CD, you can start the computer with this. Set your BIOS up to boot from CD, restart the computer with the disk in the drive and follow the onscreen instructions to install Windows XP. Please ask a separate question if you wish to know how to change the Boot order for your BIOS.

How to clean a hard drive to to install windows xp?

If you are going to a fresh install, there is no need to clean anything. Backup what you want saved. Make sure that you have the drivers you would like to save. Ensure the boot sequence in your bios. Using a genuined Xp disc, restart your PC with the windows Xp disc in the ROM and follow the on-screen info.

How do you make changes to windows bios?

There's no such thing as a "Windows BIOS."

How do you install Windows XP on a ProBook 4520s?

In order to install Windows XP on a ProBook you must follow these steps: 1. Go to BIOS setup 2. And then change the driver setting 3. Change ACHI to be IDE 4. Then restart your laptop 5. Know you can you can star install Windows XP 6. Enjoy your XP................!!!!! Rio ze Don

Windows xp will not install on sata hdd it's detected by bios and windows it's formatted then restarts to install windows but does not install it?

Windows xp does not have native support for SATA interface (except SP3). You have to download SATA interface driver from the motherboard/computer website and use F6 installation procedure.

Does Windows 98 have a BIOS?

No. The BIOS is a part of the motherboard, and operates independently of Windows 98.

How can you prevent someone from reinstalling windows on your laptop?

Find a computer where you can add a password in the bios. Doing so, you can setup your bios to boot from hard drive first before booting from the DVD drive. No windows install DVD will be able to re install windows since the hard drive will boot first.Then, in windows, setup you account as admin and add a password for it if there is no password. Setup a guest account for other windows users. That's it.

How do you disable the BIOS for a ATI PCI graphics card?

Are you trying to disable onboard video so you can install a pci video card? If so you have to disable onboard video in your computers bios. Then install your video card in an empty pci slot. Then install the drivers for your pci card in windows.

Does removing the CMOS backup battery remove the login password for Windows XP?

No. Only the BIOS settings and password are stored in the battery-backed CMOS memory. Windows passwords are stored in the Windows registry, in a file on your hard disk.

If you BIOS is not ACPI-compliant what should you do before you install Windows 2000?

No special action is needed. Windows 2000 supports APM (Advanced Power Management).

Can I use dell Windows Vista in Acer computer?

No. Dell Windows Vista looks for a specific BIOS chip exclusive to Dell PCs. If it does not find it, it will refuse to install

What features does Spotmau PowerSuite Professional have?

Spotmau PowerSuite Professional 2008 includes a lot of features .For example, Windows Backup & Restore backup, Windows Recovery, Windows Doctor, Password & Key Finder, BIOS/CMOS Password Recovery, Security & Privacy, Data Transfer, and partition management tool are the main features.

How do i install windows 7 on a new PC with no OS preinstalled and no DVD drive?

If you do not have a DVD drive (and cant get one to operate from the BIOS) then you will need to do it over a network if your bios wont let you do that, you might be screwed.

How do you install windows 7 on new hard drive that says no boot manager?

Enter BIOS and make sure the DVD is 1st boot priority. Use a bootable Windows 7 DVD, a clean install should replace the bootmanager.

System bios in windows xp home?

bios is PC not windows, bios can be loaded when you first start the pc, it normally has a hotkey like f8 f10 or f11

Is it possible to install Windows or DOS on a normal phone?

No. Almost no phones contain x86 processors, and those that do not have a traditional IBM-compatible BIOS, so they cannot run Windows or DOS.

1 a client wants to boot from the windows xp professional CD-rom to install windows xp professional but when he inserts the CD-rom in the drive and tries to boot the PC boots from the hard disk ins?

Change the boot order in the CMOS/BIOS.

How do you install Windows xp on a windows 95 computer?

Make sure the hardware is compatible with XP. Put CD on first priority in boot priority in the bios. Enter the CD and follow the instructions.

How can you install Windows XP when the CD won't boot?

If you already have a version of windows installed, you could try upgrading from the version you already have installed, but that isn't really installing windows freshly. You'd need to reconfigure your BIOS to boot from the CD. Try checking the manual from your bios or motherboard manufacturer on how to do this, or read the documentation that came with your computer.

How do you install XP from bios?

Installing XP from BIOS is essentially a CLEAN INSTALL, Booting off the install CD is what initiates this action. At that moment, the only operating system running on the computer is the BIOS. Jeff TechSoEasy

What is bios password?

A Bios password is used to stop someone who does not know the password from making changes to the bios settings such as the boot order, a bios password can also be used as a stronger method than a windows password to keep unauthorized people from getting in to your files and whatever.

Windows 2000 assumes a BIOS manufactured after what date is a good BIOS?

if a bios is manufactured after January 1999, it is considered good.

Windows 2000xp assumes a bios manufactured after what date is a good bios?

jan. 1999