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Do you have to milk a girl goat?

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Only if she's a dairy goat.

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What is goat milk?

milk it's healthier too Goat milk is milk produced by a dairy goat

Can you milk a goat?

yes you can milk a goat

Is goat milk the same as sheep milk?

No. A goat is not a sheep. A sheep is not a goat.

What is Goat milk cheese?

Most cheese is made of cow milk. So goat milk cheese is made of goat milk. Some people are allergic to cow milk but they might not be allergic to goat milk (some people are allergic to goat milk too). So goat milk cheese is just cheese made of goat milk. It's taste is a little bit different from cow milk.

Do you have to milk my goat?

If the goat has a kid that nurses no. If the goat just gave birth and the kid is gone it is best to milk the goat or she will experience a lot of pain due to milk in the udders. You need to milk her twice a day. Goat milk is very good to drink.

Is goat milk high in cholesterol?

Is goat milk high in cholestrol

After goat miscarriage can I use its milk?

If the goat is producing milk, you can use its milk. There will be nothing wrong with the milk due to a miscarriage.

Who discovered you could drink goat milk?

The first person to milk a goat.

Where can you buy goat milk?

you buy goat milk from a goat shop! if u mean pure that check on the internet You can also purchase milk in some supermarkets or from goat dairy farms

Where can goat milk be purchased?

Goat milk can be purchased from stores such as Walmart. Alternatively, you can also purchase Goat Milk online from retailer's websites such as Amazon.

How do you get goat milk?

From a goat or the grocery store

Is goat milk appropriate for those with milk allergies?

Yes, since goat milk does not contain lactose, which is found in cow's milk.

Where do get goat milk in Bangalore?

There are several places where one can get goat milk in Bangalore. One place is from Nadur Goat Farm.

Which animal's milk is consumed the most worldwide?

Asia drinks goat milk so it must be goat milk.

How many calories are in a cup of goat milk?

There is 170 calories in a cup of goat milk.

What kind of goat is a milk goat?

A milk goat is normally a dairy goat of which there are many breeds eg Saanen, Toggenburg, British Alpine, Anglo Nubians

Is organic goat milk better than organic cow milk?

Organic goat milk has been proven to be healthier than organic cow's milk. However, when a goat is feeding in the pastures, the goat milk tends to taste almost like the smell of a goat; whereas when they are feeding from the stables with a diet mainly consisting of hay, their milk taste sweet like cow's milk.

What is goat cheese?

Cheese made with goat milk!

What are important products of Greece?

Goat milk, Goat meat, Goat wool, and Goat cheese.

Does goat milk smell good?

It depends. I think goat milk smells good, but my brother does not.

Where did goat cheese originate?

Goat cheese is made from milk that is from a dairy goat.

How do you get milk from a goat?

Same as a cow. The nanny goat has to have had babies, be in milk, then milked regularly, twice a day.

What can i give to your goat to make milk?

You need to get your goat pregnant as she won't produce milk until she has had kids.

Is goat milk consumer producer or decomposer?

Consumer, producer or decomposer are not applicable characteristics for goat milk.

What is a goat used for?

as gross as it sounds you can buy goat milk

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