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If you use the affidavit of non responsibility then the answer is yes. However, if you show up in court and you absolutely do know who it was then you may be able to get the red ligth camera ticket dismissed.

For additional free information on red light camera tickets in California go to


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The fine for a California red light camera ticket is approximately $450.00.

The fine for a red light camera ticket in long beach is approx. $450. For additional free information on red light camera ticket in California go to

No. Despite many suggestions on the internet and various websites, if you ignore the red light camera ticket in California, you will be assessed a $300 fine in addition to the $450 bail. If you do not pay then your ticket will be sent into collection and eventually will result in the suspension of your driver license. So, it would become a much more costly and a bigger problem if you ignore your red light camera ticket.

In California it is approx.$450 and yes it is a moving violation. For free information on how to fight a red light camera ticket in California go to

Yes, you can attend the defensive driving school for a Red Light Camera ticket in Arizona.

Usually red light tickets are charged to the vehicle rather than the driver. If it's charged to the owner as driver then it is a moving violation and would be reported.

In California if you have not attended traffic school in the last 18 months, then you may choose to attend a California traffic school online. For additional free information on red light camera tickets in California go to

The ticket will be sent to the owner because the car is registered to him/her. If the driver of the car won't pay for it, you can take him/her to court and force him to pay the fine.

The fine for a red light violation is $450

Red light camera tickets are moving violations. They will be on your driving record.

The best way to beat a red light camera ticket is to obey traffic signals and not be issued a ticket in the first place. Once you get a ticket, there are businesses such as Ticket Clinic, that can help you fight it. Also, sometimes just going to traffic court will get the fine dismissed, but you will still have to pay the court charges.

No, you don't have to, but if you take the responsibility it is your license that will get the points placed against it.

No. As long as you didn't go through the light and the intersection.

A red traffic light ticket in Georgia is 70 dollars. It is mailed to the registered owner after the camera recorder is reviewed by trained police officers.

in most places it is $341 big bummer

You don't. All criminal activity (including traffic violations) are permanently part of your record. Even if you are found not guilty, the charge is part of your drivers license record.

what is the estinated cost for running a red light when making a right hand turn in california.

A red light traffic ticket may be obtained by a specific type of traffic infraction known as "running a red light." This means driving through an intersection without stopping if the light is flashing red, or simply driving through any solid red light. The light must either be equipped with a camera to photograph the vehicle license plate, or a law enforcement officer must observe the infraction and flag down the driver. Either way, the ticket involves a financial penalty typically ranging from $100 to $250.

Not making a full stop at a red light in California is a moving violation. You will get a ticket for failure to stop, plus a fine.

If you get a citation from a traffic cop, the ticket is yours. If the intersection has a camera that catches the vehicle in violation, the owner will get the ticket. It would probably be the person that you borrowed the car from. Because if you ran the red light, the camera or police would always right down the license plate number and would send the ticket to the owner of that car. But becareful Next Time!..:) ~Naomi~

The base fine for a red light infraction in California is $490, however, you may be assessed additional fees.

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