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NONE, the lender will take care of it

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Q: Do you have to notify the DMV if your car was repossessed?
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What if bank did not notify you of the sale date on the repossessed vehicle?

They do not have to notify you. You have no legal rights regarding car.

How do you know if your car has been repossessed?

Repossessors are supposed to notify law enforcement when they repossess a car.

Should I notify the Texas DMV when I sell a car?

Only if the car was registered in Texas in your name.

How long do you have to notify dmv of a totaled car?

If you want to stop paying taxes on that vehicle I would notify them very quickly. It is to your benefit.

If your car insurance gets cancelled what is the penalty for not having insurance on your car?

your insurance co will notify the DMV and then can suspend your license

Can you register a car being repossessed?

The tow/repossession company has to notify the police of the repossession so the car can't be reported stolen..

Does the DMV get notified of a reposession if they have not found the car yet?

No. Only when the vehicle is repossessed and always once the licence plates are turned in.

How do you know if your car was repossed or stolen?

In most states a repossessor must notify the police when they repossess a car. Contact the police to file the report and they will know if it was properly repossessed.

What to notify DMV after 5 days?

When selling your vehicle.

You must notify dmv within 5 days?


How do you notify the DMV if you change your address?

You can change your address with the DMV ;online or in person with a piece of mail with the correct address on it.

Why would repo man surrender plates to dmv?

Because once the car is repossessed the recovery firm requires no contact with the debtee,more of a policy to relinquish the plates to the dmv rather than risk confrontation with the debtee.

What happens if you get your car repossessed?

if i get my car repossessed, can they put a llien on the house?

Can you find my car by the VIN if it was stolen or repossessed?

There are certain strict procedures that an automobile repossessor must follow when he is repossessing your car. The repossessor must notify the police that such vehicle is being repossessed, you did before or after the repossession has occurred. In either case, the police should know right away that the vehicle was repossessed. If this is not the case, then the vehicles like to have been stolen.

How can you locate your repossessed car?

Your car was probably repossessed by the lender who owns the car until you pay for it. Call your lender and they will be able to tell you how to locate your repossessed car.

Do you need to file release of liability with DMV if your car is repossessed?

Yeah, within 5 days or fees will pile up and you will be responsible for registration the yearly fees

If your car was repossessed 3 months ago what do you do with the registration renewal from the CA DMV?

Throw it away. If you want to let them know you no longer own the car, send back a letter to the address or call them.

How long after you sell your vehicle should you notify the dmv?

10 days

Can your car be repossessed due to no registration?

No, a car can not be repossessed due to having no registration. A car can be repossessed for non payment. The police can have a car towed to an impound lot if there is no registration.

Can your car be repossessed if you lose your job?

No, but your car can be repossessed if you don't make the payments.

Does a lender need to notify you before they sell your car they repossessed?

Yes, they also have to send you official letter from auction at the price they sold it to deduct from the amount you own to the bank.

You must notify DMV within 5 days if you?

Sell or transfer your vehicle.

Can a car be repossessed from a car dealership?

if the car dealership does not pay for the car in full or pay their bills then the car would most likely be repossessed

Can a car be repossessed with a person in the car?


When a car is repossessed what do you do with the insurance?

When a car has been repossessed the person paying the insurance should cancel it.