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You notify your insurance agent and he takes care of it, if its your fault. If you don't have insurance, you probably have to pay.

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Do both parties of an accident need to report?

no, because sometimes the other person cause the accident.

If both vehicles in an accident are insured by state farm who pays?

the person that is found responsible ( at fault ) for the accident

What was fire called incident or accident?

It can be either, both or none.

Difference between exchange and transaction?

An exchange is when both sides agree on a swap sort of thing, both sides benefit from the switch. A transaction is goods going from one person to the other.

What do you call a person with both male and female genitalia?

This person is called a hermaphrodite.

A person who can write with both hands is called?


What is a person called who sleeps with both genders?


Is the climactic scene a result of fate choice or an accident explain?

The climatic scene is as a result of both fate choice and accident depending with whether the person was able to access information at the weather forecast.

What is the liability of the owner if some other person takes out insurance on his car?

The insured and the owner of the vehicle are both legally responsible for the vehicle and they could both get sued for an accident.

Who is at fault when both parties are backing up their vehicles resulting in an accident claim by one of the parties?

The driver responsible for the accident is always at fault. However, Both parties are usually found at fault in this instance. This is generally called Joint fault.

What do you call a person that can't hear or speak?

A person that can not speak is called mute. A person that can not hear is called deaf. There is no term yet that encompasses both.

What are the similarities between the respiratory system and the digestive system?

Both have a high surface area for exchange: In the respiratory system the exchange of oxygen an carbon dioxide takes place between the alveoli and blood capillaries (both provide a high surface area for exchange) and in the digestive system, exchange of nutrients and waste takes place between the villi and blood capillaries (also both provide a high surface area for exchange) In both systems, transported materials pass through the membranes by a process called diffusion.

Does someone have to get a ticket in a car accident?

it counts if the other person ran a red light or a stop sign most of the time at least 1 person gets a ticket if not both

A person who can use both the hands well?

Is called Ambidextrous.

What should I do if I have been involved in an auto accident and the other person doesn't want the police to be called?

You should call the police regardless of whether or not the other person wants the police called, especially if there are any injuries. A police report will give you an official account of the accident to give to the insurance companies, will have all of the information about both parties and will help establish which company is responsible for the repair and any medical costs. If the person leaves they may face additional problems and if the police do not come you can go to the local precinct and fill out a report there.

Can a person sue another person if there's NO damage to both vehicles and didn't exchange information?

Demand letter would be sufficient in this case.

What are the relationship between exchange and transaction?

In today's world both exchange and transactions are related to the business terms.They both have a deep relations in themselves. If there will be no exchange then there would be no transactions.

If you are have an accident in a dual left turn lane and both driver's pull over and exchange information should the police be called?

The police should always be called, and here's why. You bump a truck. You exchange information and everyone's happy. The truck gets an estimate for repair. The estimate is far more than you expected it to be. Now there's a problem, because you think you're being fleeced and he wants his truck repaired. Or, you pay him and then he wants more money. The two of you end up in small claims court. With a police report, the accident is documented and your insurance companies can work everything out.

What is writing with both hand called?

ambedextous A person who can write with either hand is called ambidextrous.

What is a person who is a vampire and werewolf called?

a p[erson who is both werewolf and vmpire is called a hybird

What in the hotel is the person in charge of wine called?

I think in both a hotel and a restaurant he/she is called the 'Sommelier'.

What is it called when a person wants to have both private parts Is that considered transgender transsexual or what?

Its called Bisexual

What is it called when you like both sexes?

It is called Bisexual. 2nd Answer: It could also be called, " a well-adjusted, friendly person who enjoys the company of both men and women."

Can a person have both masculine and feminine traits?

Yes they can. That is called androgyny. A person can also have variation in their physical sex. That is called intersex condition.

What is it called when a person wants to have both private parts?

Wanting to be a hermaphrodite.