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AnswerIm illegal alien, my ex is illegal alien and the kid is illegal alien, guess what i have to pay child support, laws are for everyone not matter your status as long your feets are in U.S.
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โˆ™ 2011-02-15 05:07:28
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Q: Do you have to pay child support if the mother of the child is an illegal alien?
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Can an illegal alien get deported if he gets served with child support papers?

Perhaps, but the mother should also be charged for harboring an illegal alien.

Why should you pay child support to illegal alien?

For the same reason everybody else pay child support - to support your child! Just because one parent is a illegal alien does not make the child any less yours.

What would happen to the mother if she has baby in the US with an illegal alien?

Nothing, having a child with an illegal alien is not a crime.

Can an unwed illegal alien mother file for child support from a US citizen father in North Carolina?

yes see link

What happens when an illegal alien doesn't pay child support?

An illegal alien would not be taken to court to be sued for child support because he would have no documentation. If he was taken, he would probably be held and perhaps deported.

Mother is illegal alien father is illegal alien can a friend take custody of child?

well they would have to be adopted or the friend would have to be a foster home

How can a illegal alien pay child child support and he cant work?

Because he's an illegal alien... plus, he most certainly can work; just not a tax paying/reporting job.

Can a NY court force child support payment to an illegal alien?

Child support is paid to support a child and not an adult, so it is a shame that you are even asking this question.

Can the government collect child support from an illegal alien who gets paid cash?

No, but they can deport him.

I married the mother of child whose father is illegal alien. mother is u s citizen. can I adopt?


Can a mother loose her child if she is an illegal alien?

yes she can because the child would run away yeah first answer

Can a illegal mother gets child support?

First, there is no such thing as an illegal mother. Any parent, male or female, single, married, divorced or separated, may receive child support.

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